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Re: <nettime> More Glossary Items

Computer-aided glossary generation for: USA.

* Scout Report 5:21, 18 September 1998, <>

Acronym Finder

Provided by Mountain Data Systems, this site offers a searchable
database containing over 60,000 acronyms/abbreviations and their
meanings. The focus of the database is technology,
telecommunications, and the military (perhaps because of the
acronym-intensity of these fields), but many general topics are
included, as well. Users can also search for acronyms related to a
particular word or topic using the advanced search function.  Search
tips are provided. [MD]

* Computer-aided glossary generation, <>

Your search for USA returned 411 acronyms.

            Acronym            Meaning

            USA                Ulhasnagar Sindhi Association
            USA                Under Skirt Adventure

            USA                Underground Sewer Adapter
            USA                Unicycling Society of America
            USA                Union of South Africa
            USA                United Space Alliance
            USA                United States Army
            USA                United States of America

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