t byfield on Wed, 16 Sep 1998 10:35:21 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> nettime book/zkp5 artist pages


on behalf of a relatively disorganized group of people, i would like to
invite everyone to contribute a work to zkp5, which IN THE PAST has been
referred to as the 'nettime bible.' we expect that the book will be ~500
pages, so there's room to play; unlike the text that will make up most of
the book and be gath- ered together into thematic sections, these pieces
will be dis- tributed throughout the book. our hope is that each
contributor will have enough room in his/her/their 'minisection' to
present something substantial (complex, narrative, whatever you want)--
rather than a work that ends up 'decorating' a text. 

calin dan <calin@euronet.nl> will be in charge of this material
but he's in romania right now, so i'm sending this out for him.
he'll let you all know when he's back.

here are the facts:

WHAT:     * up to 5 pages
          * black and white art (grayscale OK)
          * ~15 cm x 23 cm (the book's dimensions aren't definite,
             so please allow for a bit of play around the edges)
          * image files are preferable (pict, tif, gif, jpeg, eps,
             etc.), but we can handle Quark, Illustrator, Freehand,
             if necessary

WHEN:     * ASAP! (when else?) by 20 Sept, if possible

WHERE:    * nettime-image@waag.org

if you have any questions--general or technical (about printing etc.)--
please send them to me for now, ted byfield <tbyfield@panix.com>.


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