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<nettime> Street Performer Protocol

1:40 PM -0400 9/15/98 Bruce Schneier, CRYPTO-GRAM September 15, 1998:

> "Electronic Commerce and the Street Performer Protocol"
> J. Kelsey and B. Schneier, The Third USENIX Workshop on Electronic Commerce
> Proceedings, USENIX Press, September 1998.
> Copyright will be increasingly difficult to enforce in the future.  The
> barriers to making high-quality pirated copies of digital works are getting
> lower and lower, and solutions such as hardware tamper-resistance and
> watermarking just don't work.  We introduce the Street Performer Protocol,
> an electronic-commerce mechanism to facilitate the private financing of
> public works.  Using this protocol, people would place donations in escrow,
> to be released to an author in the event that the promised work is put in
> the public domain.  This protocol has the potential to fund alternative or
> "marginal" works.
> http://www.counterpane.com/street_performer.html
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