nettime on Sat, 18 Apr 1998 12:09:49 +0200 (MET DST)

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[offlist] Re: <nettime> an invitation to the "Nettime" mailinglist

>infowar is the continuation of communication by other means.


It was a joke. There was some talk of putting together a digest of the
responses soon afterward, but it fell by the wayside--they weren't very
interesting, and other things were afoot. SO there you go.


On Wed 04/15/98 at 11:50 PM +0100, Andreas Broeckmann <> wrote:

> recently ....
> >Dear "Nettimers":
> >Allow me to introduce myself to you all. My name is Nathan Myhrvold, and
> >I'm a Group Vice President at Microsoft.
> >On behalf of the Microsoft Corporation, I would like to extend an
> >invitation to you Nettime to hold your next meeting on our Redmond
> >Campus.
> have i missed a joke? or is this thing not even worth the 2 or so K that my
> stupid question is taking up on everybody's hard-drives for a moment?
> just for the records: i find the invitation to redmond unacceptable and
> would suggest that we ask them to put, if they really believe in nettime,
> the money (say US$300.000) into a fund which we'll collectively find ways
> of using sensibly, i am sure, to further the cause of net.criticism that
> myhrvold is appreciating so much. [apologies for the . - couldn't resist it
> ...;-]
> greetings from my smiling Mac/OS 7.5.3 ...
> -a