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<nettime> Patapoe in trouble

                            Secret Press Release
                            Amsterdam,april 1998

      Tuesday April 7th at 16:38 PM, when the legendary program WATTH
      was being aired by Patapoe on FM 97.2, the city of Amsterdam
      witnessed how this station suddenly disappeared in a loud bang
      of noise. The transmitter and its power-feed were confiscated by
      the dutch radio controlling police and transported to the
      offices of the RDR for destruction. Patapoe was taken off the

      After 10 years of exceptional multirational unpredictable radio,
      the void in the Amsterdam FM-radio airwaves is choking,
      especially considering the abundance of new stations specialised
      in computer-controlled programming filled with golden greatest
      hits from present and past etcetera.

      Need we accept this loss? Surely the 120 Patapoe employees shout
      out the right answer: NO! Patapoe will return voluminously and
      surprise you with a comeback.

      We can use all your support, financial or otherwise, for
      returning on air. Contact us through e-mail <>.
      For the fans out there: Thanks for all encouraging phone-calls
      and fan-mail! That little doggy is wagging its tail over the
      Amsterdam airwaves again...Give with grace and generosity:
      giro 7773733  name:  St. Outcast.

      But now, check-out Hoisting the Jolly Roger or The Birth of a
      Station: intro to advanced anti-organizational science in theory 
      and practice...  (

                                                        T 009, for ptp

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