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<nettime> The Day After Game=20

This is part of a "Day After..." game by The Rand  Corp to help
formulate the cost factors for DARPA security upgrades sometime
around 1996:

> Preparing for Conflict in the Information Age
Table 11.1

Cyberspace Incidents Used in Scenario

Year 2000 background
general software agents roaming net and Web

1999 MEII discussed but not yet established
1998 electronic 'looting' of Saudi Arabian bank ($1.2 billion)
1999 attempted placement of Trojan horse in AB-330 flight control
1999 sniffers and logic bombs in Israeli C2 systems
general electronic 'looting' of U.S. and European banks by Russians
1998 computer virus in software causes Yen crisis in Japan
1998-99 Infonet Threat Center established in U.S.
1999 flight control software alert regarding U.S. commercial aircraft

The Crisis Step 1

2000 May 11 power in Cairo (90%) out for several hours perpetrator
2000 May 11 public switched telephone network (PSTN), massive failure
in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
2000 May 11 PSTN, Ft. Lewis, WA, mass dialing attack
2000 May 11 Saudi PSTN, apparent 'trap door' in switching code
2000 May 13 control malfunction, Aramco refinery, Saudi Arabia perpetrator
2000 May 14 control malfunction, Bundesbahn train crash, Germany
perpetrator uncertain
2000 May 16 sniffers, Bank of England funds transfer system
2000 May 16 power grid for Rhein Main airbase, Germany, fails
2000 May 17 non-governmental organization 'Consortium for Planetary
Peace' mobilization via Internet and other media
2000 May 18 PSTN in Delaware and Maryland fails affects air traffic
control at Dover AFB

Continuing Crisis Step 1

2000 May 20 Automated Teller Machine networks malfunction in Georgia
2000 May 20 CNN off air for 12 minutes; issues special report
2000 May 20 worm, corrupting data in Time Phased Force Deployment List
2000 May 22 flight control software malfunction; AB-340; plane crash
at O=92Hare
2000 May 22 recommendation that all late-model AB-340 and -330s be
2000 May 22 TV signal in Saudi Arabia replaced by other broadcast
2000 May 23 PSTN, Saudi, fails; trap doors similar to earlier Saudi
PSTN failure
2000 May 23 full-scale IW attack at CONUS military bases involved in
2000 May 23 Chicago Commodity Exchange subjected to electronic
2000 May 23 PSTN failed, Wash./Baltimore area, similar to Saudi PSTN
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