Marko Peljhan on Sat, 14 Feb 1998 22:05:01 +0100 (MET)

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dear nettimers, dear syndicalists, 

as many of you might know, we have published a printed version of ZKP 4
proceedings during the nettime meeting entitled BEAUTY AND THE EAST last
may here in ljubljana (slovenia). copies? 10000
see the nettime archive for the
table of content of this unique free paper, somewhere in april/may

up to now, we have in one way or the other, distributed, smuggled, used
and abused around 6000 of them, and we have 4000 of them left for
distribution. most of them were distributed last summer at the documenta
via workspace, others went by bus and private cars to ars, isea etc.
and you can get them in the v2 bookshop, like the other xerox zkps...
(infor through

the proceedings are free and to get them, distribute them or sell them
(yes, you can sell them if you want) and to get them, you should  do one
of the following things:

- send an e_mail to
- specify the number of copies you are requesting
- for the record, specify what you would like to do with them
- send your FEDEX; DHL; TNT or EMS number, if you would like to use the
  services of the above companies
- or, alternatively, on a trust basis,  ljudmila (ljubljana digital
  media lab) will send them to you, and after receiving them you should
  send ljudmila a check, with the sum that amra will specify to you after
  you negotiate the numbers and type of shipment via e_mail. you will pay
  the shipping and nothing else. 
- of course, you shouldn't forget sending your postal address

once again, the ZKP 4 is free, but you can repay your postage costs by
distributing it and selling it. 
there will be some coming to london soon (artec, backspace, ica) and
some of them to rotterdam in april, but otherwise, we would like to
distribute them all over europe, deep europe and all the other
move on, get your own batch!

END OF ZKPN 1002997

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