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<nettime> Pro and Anti MAI Internet Sites

January, 1998

"Anti-MAI" Web Sites
Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch MAI web page.  A wealth of 
information on the subject including the complete MAI text.
The Island Centre for Community initiatives and the National Centre for
Sustainability in Canada.
Everything from articles to a massive links page to pros and cons to 
Friends of the Earth - US.  Information on MAI and the potential
environmental impacts.
The Canadian Polaris Institute.  A collection of high-quality articles on the
MAI such as Tony 
Clarke's MAI-DAY article and information on the Ethyl case.
The Ontario Public Interest Research Group. Lots of links to other good
sites, well organized and good information.
New York Solidarity. This site has a great deal of basic info on the MAI. 
Very nice for those just learning about the agreement.

"Pro-MAI" Web Sites
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's site created to
promote the MAI. Lots of information.
The United States Trade Representative's office.  Official negotiators 
of the MAI for the U.S.  
The United States Department of State.  Official negotiators of the MAI for
the U.S. government.
A letter written by the United States Council on International Business
defending the MAI. Deals primarily with environmental issues.

The Preamble Center for Public Policy in Washington, D.C. In-depth
analysis, both pro and con, of the Agreement. Numerous original 
research papers on the MAI covering topics from the impact on jobs and 
the economy to the impact on women world-wide. A 20-page 
bibliography of MAI materials from around the world.

Name: Antonia Juhasz
Preamble Center for Public Policy
1737 21st Street, NW
Washington, DC  20009
(202) 265-3263 fax (202) 265-3647

A SEED Europe
PO Box 92066
1090 AB Amsterdam
tel: 31-20-668-2236
fax: 31-20-665-0166

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