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1...Vesna Manojlovic......colorfool
2...Station Rose..........Station Rose LIVE bei Transmediale
3...Miekal And............The Plagiarist Codex
4...Richard Barbrook......Cyber.Salon 3
5...ARTSPACE Sydney.......Sydney Intermedia Network
                          artist's talk: HORST KIECHLE
6...Monika Fleischmann....Cyberstar 98: WDR and GMD nominate
                          international jury
7...Postmaster DFM........[DFM] NewsLetter #003
9...J.BRADY...............Second call ISEA98 proposals
10..David S. Isenberg.....S.M.A.R.T.


From: Vesna Manojlovic <>
Subject: colorfool
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 22:31:17 +0100 (MET)

i am sorry
you are sorry
that cannot cu-see_me
in orange - black - black - lightorange - black - red - yellow - black -
orange - blue view


                                    KPHJA~A HJY3

in our rural suburbia
we made xyber kitchen
"HOW TO make two tables out of one"

instead of colorful pixels:

        white wall

        (circle) bunch of red dry hungarian paprika on the nail

        first half of table:


        black screen

        orange ascii

        sour eyes

        other half of table:

        starry table-set

        three cups of






        (links: "OPAO", dule, tanja, vuk, vine, nervous waiter, snow)

        other wall:

        "belgrade in perspective" for geert

                                        and other dear guests of netforum

i announce it open:

new KRNJAChA xyber-kitchen
three witches
"three pigs" (who's afraid of big bad wolf?)

new domain:
old usernames: haha, emina, becha


netforum news: see:



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Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 19:39:33 +0100
From: Station Rose <>
Subject: Station Rose LIVE bei Transmediale

Guten Abend!

Jetzt ist es soweit-

die Premiere von STATION ROSE - *1st decade*

findet mit der "MULTIMEDIA-MIDI-PERFORMANCE in Echtzeit"
(Gary Danner: Soundz/ Elisa Rose: Visuals)

am 12.2.98 um 20:30
in Berlin beim Videofestival TRANSMEDIALE


*1st decade* hei=DFt 10 jahre Station Rose (1988-98), hei=DFt Multimedia Kun=
im nativen Sinne.

->expect more to come !

videofestival TRANSMEDIALE
D-10179 Berlin

STATION ROSE multimedia (Elisa Rose & Gary Danner)
* 1st decade (1988-98)
* homepage <>
* Frankfurt Conference <>
* vinyl TREE & video out on Sony


Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 17:31:21 +0000
From: Miekal And <>
Subject: The Plagiarist Codex

The Plagiarist Codex:
 an old Maya information

We have discovered from the barren
wastelands of Central America an
essential document in the early
history of copyist strategies. Thought
to have been created toward the end
of the classical period of Mayan
civilization, 998 A.D., the codex has
been translated by a brilliant group
of London plagiarists & the esteemed
Amendant Hardiker from Wisconsin.

Originally published by PLAGERIZED∆
(SIC) BOOKS in 1988 on the occasion of
the Festival of Plagiarism held in London,
San Francisco & Madison, WI. It is now
distributed by Xexoxial Endarchy.


Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 04:03:45 +0100 (MET)
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From: (Richard Barbrook)
Subject: Cyber.Salon 3
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Telepolis &
Hypermedia Research Centre


'Sponsorship in New Media'

Questions: Lisa Haskel (Arts Council of England)
Replies: Sholto Ramsay (ICA New Media) and Peter Gomes (ICA)

Armin Medosch (Telepolis)

7pm to 11pm
Wednesday 25th February

Upper Bar
White Horse
16 Newburgh Street

entrance free

be there early!


Forthcoming Cyber.Salons

Wednesday 25th March: Community Networks

Wednesday 22nd April: Women on the Net

Wednesday 20th May: Beyond the Californian Ideology


Cyber.Salon 3:

Possibilities and Pitfals of Sponsorship in New Media

In November 1997 the ICA in London launched the New Media Centre, a
major collaboration with Sun Microsystems.

As a partnership between a publically-funded cultural institution
with a remit to explore the innovative, the contraversial and the
cutting edge, and a single multinational technology corporation,
the deal breaks new ground and perhaps points to new trends.
While the collaboration provides potentially great opportunities
for artists, questions also surface regarding the effects -
in supporting artists' practice and in critical discussion -
arising from different aims and objectives of the two organisations.

With the aim of exploring the whole spectrum of possibilities to
pitfalls inherent in this alliance, Sholto Ramsay, ICA Director
of New Media and Peter Gomes, outgoing ICA New Technology Researcher
will be interviewed by Lisa Haskel, Visual Arts Officer at the Arts
Council of England and freelance events organiser.

Participation from all-comers will be welcomed and indeed expected.
Arrive armed with questions and suggestions.
Early arrival recommended to reserve a seat.


Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 01:12:41 -0500 (EST)
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From: ARTSPACE Sydney <>
Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT:  Sydney Intermedia Network artist's talk: HORST
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Sydney Intermedia Network (SIN)
in conjunction with Powerhouse Museum presents

        artist's talk


        constructing the amorphous

        sunday 22 february, 2pm
        target theatre
        powerhouse museum, 500 harris st, ultimo

Horst Kiechle is a computer artist whose '...deranged web diagrams...can,
despite appearances, be built.'
- Architecture Australia March/April 1997

The spatial transformations of his most recent work, Amorphous
Construction, can be experienced from 27 January to 21 February at Darren
Knight Gallery, 840 Elizabeth St Waterloo, Sydney (tel 02 9699 5353). The
installation is one result of research currently undertaken by Kiechle as
part of an Art and Industry Placement at the CSIRO (Division of
Mathematical and Information Sciences), awarded to him by the Australia
Council's New Media Arts Fund.

Coinciding with this exhibition, SIN and Powerhouse Museum are pleased to
present this opportunity to further explore Kiechle's remarkable virtual
and actual environmental geometries.

Based on projects realised during the past three years, the artist will
present an overview of what is possible in the area of CAD (Computer Aided
Design), computer animation, Virtual Reality display options, and Automated
Manufacturing. The main focus, however, will be on VRML, the 3D equivalent
to text and image browsing through the World Wide Web.

Kiechle states: 'VRML has become an important tool for me to plan the
assembly of my complex installations. It is already possible to use it to
display choreographed events where the participant can move through the set
and constantly change viewpoints. All of these new creative possibilities
with the relatively low cost and potentially large audience of the World
Wide Web...'

He continues: 'Having witnessed the profound impact of 2D computer
applications on print media, digital imaging and film, Constructing the
Amorphous was conceived as a framework for investigating the impact of 3D
computer technology in arts-related areas. Whilst utilising some of the
latest high-end technologies it is interesting to consider how these
technologies might affect society, and how a sculptural or architectural
language can be derived from them. Concepts such as Intuitive Irregularity,
Natural Imperfection and Marginalised Geometries have become important to
me. I think that they have the potential to counterbalance Rectilinearity,
Square-Mindedness and Reductivist Normalisation Processes.'

Sydney Intermedia Network (SIN) Inc encourages and promotes the development
and crtical discussion of innovative film, video, sound and digital media
arts in Australia, and exhibits this work to audiences nationally and

SIN Director: Alessio Cavallaro
SIN Resource Manager: Sarah Waterson
SIN Administrative Assistant: Simone O'Callaghan
SIN President: Kathy Cleland
ph +61 2 9264 7225   fax +61 2 9264 5823
1st Floor, 168 Day St, Sydney 2000 NSW Australia

The Gunnery
43 - 51 Cowper Wharf Road
Woolloomooloo NSW 2011

tel +61 2 9368 1899
fax +61 2 9368 1705

Director: Nicholas Tsoutas
Administrator: Panos Couros
Curatorial Assistant: Kristen Elsby

Artspace gratefully acknowledges the VACF of the Australia Council and the
NSW Ministry for the Arts


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Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 14:19:02 +0100
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From: Monika Fleischmann <>
Subject: Cyberstar 98: WDR and GMD nominate international jury

Shared Visions - Cyberstar 98
International Competition for Interactive Media Environment

WDR and GMD nominate international jury

The Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR), Cologne, and GMD - German National
Research Center for Information Technology, Sankt Augustin, will present
the Cyberstar in 1998 for the second time. Shared Visions - Cyberstar 98
supports cooperation between artists, designers, media and computer
experts. Innovative concepts for interactive scenarios in the categories
television, internet and stage will be awarded. Entries presenting for
example  virtual communities, virtual classrooms or avatar performance
worlds shall reflect and develop "Shared Visions".

An international jury will meet in May 1998 and will decide upon monetary
awards a total of DM 35.000. Furthermore, the main price will include a
work term of several month at GMD to develop the submitted concept.

The jury members are:

Karin OHLENSCHLAEGER, journalist and freelance curator, head of Proyectos
Culturales, Madrid

Hans-Peter SCHWARZ, head of ZKM, Medienmuseum Karlsruhe

Gerfried STOCKER, general manager of Ars Electronica Center and artistic
director of Ars Electronica Festival, Linz

Wolfgang STRAUSS, architect and artist, Bonn/Gargnano in Italy

Georg TROGEMANN, professor for art and media sciences, Kunsthochschule fuer
Medien Cologne

Regina WYRWOLL, head of media division, Goethe-Institute headquaters, Munich

Submisson deadline for Shared Visions - Cyberstar 98 ist March 31th, 1998.

The award ceremonial will take place in connection with the Medienforum
Nordrhein-Westfalen, June 1998 in Cologne. The event will happen at KOMED -
Kommunikations- und Medienzentrum im MediaPark Cologne.

Information and submission guidelines:

D -  50600 Cologne
phone +49/221 - 220 6728, fax -6252



Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 18:53:44 +0100
From: Postmaster DFM <>
Organization: DFM rtv Int.
To: NetTime <>
Subject: [DFM] NewsLetter #003

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 DFM radio-television International  NewsLetter #003 - Feb 98
DFM rtv Int. is a  free, experimental, anti-commercial station
delivering soundscapes, weird programs, intens music, techart,
live sessions and more.  It is  run by some unknown artist who
pay everything  out of  their own pocket  because who sponsors
unknown artists?! No blabla, no nonsense & straight forward is
our attitude, hope you're with us, please inform your friends.
For changes send a message to the original sender:
Make the subject MAILLIST and state in the message body:

 REMOVE  If you don't want to receive this mailing anymore.

 RICH    If you prefer to receive the next DFM NewsLetter in
         "rich text (HTML) mail" format.

Although untill now we are only live in the weekends from
22:00 to 03:00 hours (CET) we are delivering 24 hours a day
signal on The Webcast Page. We now have a kind of jukebox
playing exerpts of previous webcasts, material which has been
send to us and specially created pieces. Untill now it plays
at random but it will become interactive over time.

And yes.. the Wednesday is off. Our poor operator couldn't
handle it. The webcast would force him into an impossible
lifestyle. Sorry to all enthousiasts.. later. We desperately
need a leased line for a 24 hours a day connect to a
reasonable price, it will save lots of time/money/stress.

You can deliver material to be played in the non-programmed
area, pieces can be 15 or 30 minutes in length. There's also
the possiblity to (regularly) deliver complete programs
(even live). Read more about it on the Info & News Page.

There have been a few reactions so far (thanx!) and they all
were very positive, it is great to hear from people out there
appreciating our effords. We had visitors from The States,
Mexico, Canada, Denmark, England, Belgium, Germany, Hungary,
Switserland, Australia (is that you Felipe?:) and more..

Because of the small crew our operators/programmakers can only
hang out at IRC saturdays from 22:00 to 03:00 CET. If you want
to talk to us be there, the actual #channel name you will find
on the Webcast Page.

This is how the program looks for now:

  22:00 - 23:00  MLKVY VRCH; Noise/environment/garage
                 with Cym1
  23:00 - 24:00  ARMAGEDDON; Extruding sound & grit
                 with Daemon
  00:00 - 03:00  CYCLING:
       1th week: THE NIGHTSHOW; Hometaping galore
       2th week: THE HAPPY STATION; Hosted by Spammer Hammer
       3th week: DJ DK; arty noise
     4/5th week: GUEST DJ'S & MIXERS

  22:00 - 23:00  LANDING ON VINYL; Easy Listening Preasure
                 John Terbo blending some old disks with
                 unextreme noiz
  23:00 - 24:00  BLENDER; Easy Preasure Listening
                 with DJ
  00:00 - 03:00  N8PRGM; Collages/Events/Interactivity
                 & more. With John Terbo, DJ & (remote) guests

  22:00 - 23:00  MEDITATOR; John Terbo on minimal
  23:00 - 24:00  NEW DEMO STUF; Just arrived material
                 otherwise more MEDIATOR..
  00:00 - 02:00  DISCIPLINE; Analog & Digital
                 with Peter D.
  02:00 - 03:00  EXTENDED PLAY; Easy industrial

If you are intrested in interactivity focus on the saturday-
night/sundaymorning program starting at 00:00 o'clock. They
focus on live events and have sufficient expirience to deal
with most online events (like hey.. they started this whole
thing:). Talk to them! Very likely they will be available on
IRC everytime they broadcast.

For more details and latest updates look at the website:

untill next..

The DFM Team


Date: Sun, 8 Feb 1998 12:50:43 +1100
Mime-Version: 1.0
To: announcer <>
From: mez <>
Subject: Re: <nettime> announcer 018

i'm on a g.IRL.bait roll........

3: grr I've Recked Lunch
                      .....for the third time this week!


Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 15:33:21 +0000
Subject: Second call ISEA98 proposals
Mime-Version: 1.0

ISEA98 Revolution - Liverpool 02, 03 & 04 September 1998
Liverpool Art School, John Moores University, 68 Hope Street, Liverpool L1 9EB,
Tel: +44 (0)151 231 3110 / 709 3420    Fax: +44 (0)151 231 5096

Nine ISEA98 Symposium Panels curated and convened by Liverpool Art School:
 Deadline for receipt of full proposal 15th March 1998.

Colin Fallows (Reader in Audio and Visual Arts at Liverpool John Moores
University); Pete Fulwell (Managing Director Merseyside Online Ltd.) and
Michelle Wardle (Programme Leader Multi-media Design and Production at
John Moores University) are developing a conference panel that seeks to examine
and contextualize work with generative systems.

A Liverpool Art School research award has enabled the development and projected
publication of the CD ROM entitled EVOLUTION 2.0, an audio-visual anthology
including history, current practice and debate concerning Generative Arts.

Papers, presentations and demonstrations are invited from artists, programme
creators, academics and broadcasters concerned with generative systems.
Contact: Colin Fallows, providing a summary of your proposal and where
appropriate audio/visual examples, at: or c/o Liverpool
Art School (address as above). Please quote Panel title.

Colin Fallows (Reader in Audio and Visual Arts at Liverpool John Moores
University) and Alexander Kahn (St. Petersburg writer, broadcaster and Producer
of the Russian Service, BBC World Service) are curating a symposium Panel that
seeks to examine and contextualize the work of a group of radical St.
based artists, musicians and writers currently working with electronic media.

Papers, presentations, declamations, ideas and critical responses are being
invited from the St. Petersburg based artists, musicians and writers described
as "... the first manifestation out of the New Russia that actually
impresses me
... so weird looking, and it arises from such unique cultural and economic
circumstances ... This might become the first digital art movement that really
matters." (Sterling, Bruce (1998) 'Art and Corruption', WIRED 6.01, January).

This programme builds on links with St. Petersburg's artistic cutting edge
established more than a decade ago when Liverpool based ARK published the LP
Insect Culture by Popular Mechanics (ARK Records, 1987) the large scale
multi-media event Perestroika in the Avant Garde (involving Pop Mekhanika and
the New Artists, Liverpool, 1989) and the first Russian techno 12 inch Sputnik
of Life by the New Composers (ARK Records, 1990). Contact: Colin Fallows,at: or c/o Liverpool Art School (address as above). Please
quote Panel title.
Colin Fallows (Reader in Audio and Visual Arts at Liverpool John Moores
University) is compiling a programme of presentations and demonstrations that
investigates and celebrates the work of artists and inventors from across the
twentieth century who have created, recorded and performed with electronic
musical instruments - from the revolutionary to the eccentric.

A Liverpool Art School research award has enabled the appointment of a Visiting
Fellow in Sound, the UK based sound artist Robin Rimbaud (aka Scanner) who will
make a presentation in Liverpool during ISEA98.

Papers, presentations and demonstrations are invited from artists, inventors,
academics and broadcasters concerned with experimental electronic musical
instruments - design, manufacture and performance.
Contact: Colin Fallows, providing a summary of your proposal and where
appropriate audio and/or visual examples, at: or c/o
Liverpool Art School (address as above). Please quote Panel title.

David Crow (Head of Graphic Arts at Liverpool John Moores University) is
currently involved in research projects based around the exploration of visual
language in a typographic framework.  His research partner is Yaki Molcho
(C0-Director, Tel Aviv Centre for Design Studies). Earlier this year, a
Liverpool Art School research award enabled David to initiate a programme of
work on a dual alphabet font which will be realised through a publication
entitled 'Dialogue'.

As part of the ISEA98 Symposium programme, the research team will present the
work alongside discussion of the issues raised.  This will follow an
introductory session on the transitions in visual language by Neville Brody's
Research Studio (publishers of Fuse and Laboratory  CD Roms).

If, as artist, designer, academic or theorist, you wish to contribute to these
developments and their interpretation at ISEA98 please provide a summary of
proposed presentation and where appropriate some visual examples. Contact: or c/o Liverpool Art School (address as above). Please quote
Panel title.

Using MED TV as an exemplar, John Byrne (Senior Lecturer at Liverpool John
Moores University) will develop an ISEA98 Panel looking at the historical and
contemporary uses of communications technologies which have sought to disrupt,
subvert and/or 'revolutionise' dominant and received notions of cultural
identity. As a member of MED TV's Protection Council John's team includes Hasan
Sahan (University of Liverpool), Joe Cooper (MED TV) and Hikmet Tabak (MED TV

MED TV is an independent satellite broadcasting company, based in Brussels,
which seeks to represent the full cultural, political and religious
diversity of
a global Kurdastanese Diaspora. As the Kurds themselves have no politically
recognised 'country', MED TV has increasingly provided a 'virtual' identity for
a historically, politically and geographically dispossessed community.
As such, papers, presentations, demonstrations etc. are invited which will
provide similar examples of how broadcasting technologies (whether Radio, TV,
Video, Digital etc.) have been used in the production, distribution and
of diverse racial, political, sexual and cultural identities.
Contact: or c/o Liverpool Art School (address as above).
Please quote Panel title.

John Byrne (Senior Lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University) and Julia
Knight (Senior Lecturer at the University of Luton and editor of Diverse
Practices - A Critical Reader on British Video Art , 1996, University of Luton
Press/Arts Council of England) are developing a strand for ISEA98 to critically
and theoretically contextualize the use of electronic media in the
production of
radical and oppositional art practices which have sought to disrupt dominant
notions of artistic production, distribution and exchange.
Initially, it is envisaged that this strand be developed in relation to three
key issues:

(1) How have uses of analogic and digital reproductive technologies been
deployed to disrupt dominant notions 	of art, artistic production, aesthetic
experience and audience reception.
(2) What have been the critical, political, racial, sexual and cultural impact
of these  media in the development of radical, oppositional and or
art practices?
(3) How are contemporary uses of electronic and digital reproduction
developing these themes and issues through radical and oppositional art

Papers, presentations, demonstrations, ideas and critical responses are invited
>from historians, critics, philosophers, artists, curators etc. who wish the
engage and contribute to the development of this debate.
Contact: or c/o Liverpool Art School (address as above).
Please quote Panel title.

Michelle Wardle (Programme Leader, MA Multi-media Design & Production at
Liverpool John Moores University) is currently investigating  'Fine Art
in Digital Media'.  Michelle and Dr. Nancy Flint (Designer for the University's
Learning Methods Unit) together with two PhD Research Students at JMU: Kevin
Furlong ('Sound in Virtual Space') and Rob Rowlands ('Artists as Programmers'),
lead the Electronic Arts Research Group. This Group of artists and researchers
investigate the use of digital technology within art practice. Current research
projects include:
	Emergence	CD Rom on the Post - industrial/Post-photographic
	Evolution 2.0 	CD Rom on Generative Arts
We are interested to hear from artists and writers who may wish to collaborate
on the development of a Symposium Panel concerned with 'Digital Aesthetics'
ISEA 98.
Papers, presentations and demonstrations in relation to digital imaging,
interactive film, sensory environments, sound in virtual space, generative
programming, interactive multimedia, theories of visual perception are welcome.
Contact: or c/o Liverpool Art School (address as above).
quote Panel title.

Lulu Jones is conducting post-doctorate research into Cyber Convent Populations
at Liverpool John Moores University.  She is leading a small team, including
George Buba (Reader in Video at the University of Oterspol), in the critical
re-assessment of convent perimeter structures and the wall-flower metaphor
matrix.  Earlier this year, a Liverpool Art School research award enabled Jones
to create artist-in-residence bursaries at the Alpha 9C and Mattas cyber
convents.  The artists, Sindy Bootikins (USA) and Bob Van Gupta (Borneo),
created a range of neo-anchorite extensions at both sites.  As part of the
ISEA98 Programme, Bootikins and Van Gupta (in a live gallery performance) will
select the seven virgins to be manacled into the convent walls for Virtual
Eternity. Jones and the artists will moderate an ISEA98 Symposium discussion
exploring relations between the w.w.w., Inquisition and the ritual phenomena of
voluntary incarceration.
If, as artist, academic, theorist or supplicant, you wish to contribute to
developments and their interpretation at ISEA98 please forward a summary of
proposed activities and any relevant supporting materials.  Contact: or c/o Liverpool Art School (address as above). Please quote
Panel title.

Professor Peter Fowler directs the Learning Methods Unit (LMU) at Liverpool
Moores University.  New Technologies offer a range of challenges and
opportunities for mediated and distance learning programmes.  The LMU has
developed and produced multimedia materials for delivery on laser-disc
CD Rom (from 1994) and the Internet (from 1995).  In doing so LMU has been both
innovative and lateral in nurturing the design, communications and domain
expertise prerequisite to these developments.

For ISEA98 Peter will be joined by Dr.Nancy Flint and Roy Stringer, Creative
Director of Amaze Ltd.(1998 Macromedia Award for Best On-line Development), to
develop dialogues concerning:
(A)  The Multimedia Product
(B)  Future Scenarios
(C) The Multimedia Moment: Addressing the Skills Shortage
If, as designer, educator or product-developer, you wish to contribute to these
developments and their interpretation at ISEA98 please provide a summary of
proposed presentation and where appropriate some visual examples. Contact: or c/o Liverpool Art School (address as above). Please
quote Panel title.


Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997 09:45:53 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: "David S. Isenberg" <>
Subject: Announcing S.M.A.R.T.

  S.M.A.R.T. -- the Stupid-network Mindful, Articulate Response Team
          It takes SMART people to design a Stupid Network

You are one of the some 76 people who have
spontaneously responded to my essay "Rise of the Stupid Network"
to date.  Thank you!  I have NEVER in my life had such a response to
something that I have created, and it is truly delightful!
Even the objections have been great to get.

Let us now consider ourselves SMART -- or members of the "Stupid-network
Mindful, Articulate Response Team" -- SMART.  (OK . . . so it *is*
a stretch, but what else should we call ourselves?)

To keep the conversation going we are now unified by a mailing reflector
correspondence sent to
will reach all of us.

Private, individual email also gratefully accepted at

I look forward the continuing, evolving discussion.

And remember, it takes smart companies to build a Stupid Network.

David I
David Isenberg
AT&T Labs
Room A061
180 Park Ave.
Florham Park NJ 07932
973-360-8225 voice
973-360-8855 fax

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