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2...Robert Weissman.......Focus on the Corporation
3...Australian Network....:::recode:::
5...Richard Barbrook......17 Feb mtg on 'The Internet'
6...Lovebytes Andy........Lovebytes


Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 16:16:08 +0100
To: fokky <>
From: Body_pARTS -art&body <> (by way of
Pit Schultz <>)
Subject: PRESSRELEASE--Art.&.The.personal.corporation.called:LIFE
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        LIVE Webcam & realtime audio on: 24/25 jan '98

        The  personal  corporation called: LIFE
        A  new site  investigating the power of
        the  omnipotence  and  omnipresence  of
        the CyberNet  for an  individual person
        and  how to  make a  suitable interface
        to  make real contact with other people.

        On this site you find Me. You can watch
        all parts of  my  Body.  The product on
        this site is ME. The 'software' you can
        buy is MY work. The hardware you can in-
        vest in is MY life.  It is time to care
        for a  rich and responsible  electronic
        environment  that  is  made for people!
        We,  you at  home, must emphasize human
        responsibility for cocreating the multi-

        The  Body is one of the things in which
        our true feelings are located,but it is
        not the only one.  Least of  all is the
        self limited to the body.      A person
        literally projects or trows himself out
        of the body, and anywhere at all.

>        Maybe we can link or help eachother....?

>        I, can be found on:
        Talk to me:



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Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 15:51:38 -0700
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From: Robert Weissman <>
Subject: SPOON-ANN: Focus on the Corporation announcement
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Corp-Focus is a moderated listserve which distributes the weekly column
"Focus on the Corporation," co-authored by Russell Mokhiber, editor of
Corporate Crime Reporter, and Robert Weissman, editor of Multinational
Monitor magazine.

To subscribe to Corp-Focus, send an e-mail message to with the following all in one line:

subscribe corp-focus <your name>

Focus on the Corporation scrutinizes the multinational corporation -- the
most powerful institution of our time. Once a week, it reports and
comments critically on corporate actions, plans, abuses and trends.
Written with a sharp edge and occasional irreverency, Focus on the
Corporation covers:

* The double standards which excuse corporations for behavior (e.g.,
causing injury, accepting welfare) widely considered criminal or shameful
when done by individuals;
* Globalization and corporate power;
* Trends in corporate economic blackmail, political influence and
workplace organization;
* Industry-wide efforts to escape regulation, silence critics, employ new
technologies or consolidate business among a few companies;
* Specific, extreme examples of corporate abuses: destruction of
communities, trampling of democracy, poisoning of air and water;
* Issues, such as tort reform, of across-the-board interest to business;
* The corporatization of our culture.


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Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 15:32:17 +0930
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From: (Australian Network for Art & Technology)
Subject: :::recode:::

ANAT are delighted to announce the launch of :::recode::: as outlined in
our recent newsletter.

To follow is a letter of invitation to participate in this exciting
initiative from Julianne Pierce, curator of Code Red, who with the support
of, has been establishing :::recode:::

with regards

Amanda McDonald Crowley


Dear colleagues, I am writing to invite you to subscribe to a new mailing
list for Australian new media practitioners, critics, writers etc. The list
is called :::recode::: and will operate via email. The list was initiated
during the Code Red event in November 1997, with the purpose to create a
nationwide forum for discussion, exchange of ideas and information. For
those of you not familiar with mailing lists, the principle is subscribe to the list and recieve all postings to the list
through your mail box. You can respond to the postings or initiate
discussions by posting to the there will be no moderation, all
postings go directly on to the list. The list is also a forum for
publishing your recent essays and articles. It is hoped that the
:::recode::: list will expand into the Asia Pacific region, to widen the
scope of our regional dialogue.

Please feel free to foward this letter of invitation to friends and
colleagues who may be interested in subscribing. Below you will find some
more information on :::recode::: and addresses for subscription etc.

All the best, Julianne Pierce

is an Australian based email mailing list for critical commentary and
debate on contemporary new media, online and digital culture. It was
initiated during the Code Red national event in November 1997. It is a site
for discussion and debate as well as providing an outlet for publishing
material on line. It's aim is to encourage dialogue amongst practitioners
and critics from the Australian and Asia Pacific region. However
subscription and commentary outside of this region is also welcome.

To subscribe please mail to:

and in the body text write: subscribe recode

if you want to subscribe from another address write: subscribe recode

Guidelines for subscription:

- the first six months (trial period) of the list will not be moderated
(Jan - June 1998)
- debates, ideas, commentaries and provocations are welcome
- posting of articles and essays is welcome
- when responding to articles or previous postings please do not includes
large chunks of quotation
- no one liners
- no cross postings from other lists (except if particularly relevant to
the region or an ongoing discussion)
- please keep general announcements to a minimum, and if posting an
announcement include the word 'announcement' in the subject header
- if responding personally to a posting please ensure to send to the
'Reply-to' address

Distributed via :::recode::: digital interrogation

more info: and "info recode" in the msg body

:::recode::: is supported by the Australian Network for Art and Technology

postal address: PO Box 8029 Hindley Street, Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia
web address:
telephone:  +61 (0)8-8231-9037
fax:   +61 (0)8-8211-7323
Director: Amanda McDonald Crowley   (tel: 0419 829 313)
Administration & Information Officer: Honor Harger
Web & Program Officer:  Martin Thompson

Memberships: $A10 (unwaged), $A20 (waged), $A40 (institutions)

ANAT receives support from The Australia Council, the Federal
Government's arts funding and advisory body


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Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 14:14:30 +0000
From: "by way of (Matthew Fuller"
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Subject: Film-Philosophy

   F  I  L  M  -  P  H  I  L  O  S  O  P  H  Y

                                                         electronic salon


When I first saw the cinematograph I realised it could offer something new
to philosophy. The cinema provides us with an understanding of our own
memory. Indeed we could almost say that cinema is a model of consciousness
itself. Going to the cinema turns out to be a philosophical experience.
Henri Bergson

Film-Philosophy is an email discussion forum and website founded in
November 1996.

                          SALON DISCUSSION

The purpose of the salon is the informal discussion of film philosophies.
The aim of which is the creation of a discipline from a collision, from a
debilitating identity crisis.
Why do we need film philosophies? What can a philosophical viewpoint breath
into well-worn debates in film theory? What bred the recent surge of
interest in this area? What is film philosophy?

                          SALON REVIEWS

Salon members are also offered the chance to review recent publications.
Recently we have published reviews of Stanley Cavell's Contesting Tears,
Joseph Anderson's The Reality of Illusion, Allan Casebier's Film and
Phenomenology, Noel Carroll's The Philosophy of Horror, Carl Plantinga's
Rhetoric and Representation in Nonfiction Film, Carroll's Theorizing the
Moving Image, the Iris journal's special edition on Deleuze, Mark Taylor
and Esa Saarinens' Imagologies, William Rothman's Documentary Film
Classics, Torben Grodal's Moving Pictures, Robert Phillip Kolker and Peter
Beiken's The Films of Wim Wenders, Timothy Murray's Drama Trauma, and Der
Film bei Deleuze/le cinema selon Deleuze edited by Oliver Fahle and Lorenz

Currently under review are Andre Bazin's Bazin at Work, Gregory Currie's
Image and Mind, the first three Film and Philosophy journal volumes, Heike
Klippel's Gedaechtnis und Kino, Philosophy and Film edited by Cynthia
Freeland and Thomas Wartenberg, Ian Jarvie's Philosophy of the Film,
Timothy Murray's Like a Film, Murray Smith's Engaging Characters, Scott
McQuire's Crossing the Digital Threshold, D. N. Rodowick's Gilles Deleuze's
Time Machine, Jean Louis Schefer's The Enigmatic Body, Sigrid Weigel's
Body- and Image-Space, Film Theory and Philosophy edited by Richard Allen
and Murray Smith, the Antithesis journal's special edition on Time and
Memory, Amy Lawrence's The Films of Peter Greenaway, the journal Vertigo,
William Rothman's The 'I' of the Camera, Peter Bondanella's The Films of
Roberto Rossellini, Scott MacDonald's Avant-Garde Film, Deconstruction and
the Visual Arts edited by Peter Brunette and David Wills, Patrick McGee's
Cinema, Theory, and Political Responsibility!
 in Contemporary Culture, James Peterson's Dreams of Chaos, Visions of
Order, Jacques Derrida's Echographies de la television,Fredric Jameson's
The Geopolitical Aesthetic, the journal Pix, Paul Virilio's The Vision
Machine, Paul Willemen's Looks and Frictions, Jacques Aumont's The Image,
and Brian Winston's Technologies of Seeing.

                          SALON WEBSITE

Email Salon - more info, and an archive of the discussion list.
Events & Things - including conferences and online organisations.
Film Philosophers - linking to info on writers and filmmakers.
Journals - gathering together periodicals, both online and old fashioned.
Bibliographies - concerning Deleuze, cognitivism and other areas.
Online Writings - containing the salon reviews and some interesting papers.

                          TO JOIN . . .

. . . send the message:
join film-philosophy firstname lastname

If you know of a someone else who may be interested please pass this on.

For further information contact the owner at:

Sincere apologies if you have received this information before (or are
already a member).


>From Fri Feb 13 00:35:51 1998
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 01:35:31 +0100 (CET)
Subject: 17 Feb mtg on 'The Internet'

>Public meeting on 'The Internet: Actually Existing Communism?'
>Richard Barbrook, University of Westminster
>Brian Healy, McLibel Campaign
>7.30pm Tuesday 17 February
>at the Lucas Arms, 245 Grays Inn Rd WC1
>(near Kings Cross tube station and Thameslink station)
>Admission by donation to cover costs
>This event forms part of a series, 'Against The Neoliberal Tide'
>Capital&Class  London Forum 1998


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From: (Lovebytes Andy)
Subject: Lovebytes / nettime.
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 18:44:43 +0000
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HyperTribes 16 March - 25 April - Public Artworks in Sheffield City Centre.

Lovebytes Digital Arts Festival 23 - 25 April - Conference & special Events
in Sheffield's Cultural Industries Quarter.

Tel (0114) 221 0393

Lovebytes Digital Arts Festival 1998
Exploring New Territory

Lovebytes, Sheffield's radical and acclaimed digital arts festival returns
on 16 March with HyperTribes, a six week exhibition of specially
commissioned public artworks in Sheffield City Centre, culminating in three
days of exhibitions and special events 23-25 April, in the city's Cultural
Industries Quarter.

HyperTribes is the theme for this year's festival which focuses on the
cultural aspects of new technology and the emerging electronic
'territories' which are being claimed, inhabited, enriched and exploited by
artists. Lovebytes has commissioned six public art installations as part of
Public Sightings in Photo 98 - The UK Year of Photography and the
Electronic Image. The artists Lulu Quinn, Simon Poulter, Mike Lawson-Smith,
Andrew Stones, Jonathan Allen & Steve Hawley and Premium Leisure utilise
digital media, video projection and interactive elements to create a
city-wide exhibition to transform the urban twilight with images, light and

The Lovebytes Digital Arts Festival, which runs from 23rd to the 25th
April, includes a multimedia gallery, seminars, film screenings, workshops,
performance and live music events and takes place at the Showroom Media and
Exhibition Centre. Sheffield has long been recognised for it's
experimentation in cross-media electronic arts and is now home to some of
the most advanced and well conceived multi-media production and exhibition
facilities in the country. This, combined with Lovebytes refreshing
approach to the digital 'melting pot' provides a unique point of
convergence for art, popular culture and the entertainments industries.

For more information call 0114 221 0393, visit the Lovebytes website at or e-mail


Lovebytes is a non-profit making organisation which over the past 5 years
has become a significant force in profiling and promoting the digital media
arts, it attracts National and International audiences to Sheffield and
Yorkshire as well as integrating digital media arts into the local

HyperTribes Commission Details

Vanishing points of view by Mike Lawson Smith - portraits and memories of
supporters, fans and followers young and old in an interactive display
celebrating the city's aspirations for the game of football. (Furnival
Gate, Sheffield)

Stone Troupers by Steve Hawley & Jonathan Allen - Sheffield's tribes meet,
as neoclassical stone heads overlooking a busy shopping area come alive
with the faces of shoppers, ravers, homeless, street people and children.
(Division Street, Sheffield)

Hyperphilately by Simon Poulter - the largest digital postage stamp ever
made hanging from Sheffield's main Post Office with 36 original video and
web stamps to 'collect' in the City Centre and Cyberspace. (Fitzalan
Square, Sheffield)

Provincially / Provisionally by Andrew Stones - Fifteen flashing signs in
yellow neon for the exterior of Sheffield Town Hall Extension -  declaring
the ambiguous nature of a provincial city in late 1990's Britain. (New Town
Hall, Sheffield)

Flocked by Lulu Quinn - An interactive installation reflecting the flocking
nature of shoppers and sheep - in a moment of spontaneous consumption we
are drawn, as in a flock, to gaze, desire and possess. (Site tbc)

Remote Systems by Premium Leisure -  An interactive sound installation
located at Pond's Forge Sports Centre. (Ponds Forge Sports Centre,
Commercial Street, Sheffield)

Features and Interviews.

If you require more specific information or wish to arrange interviews with
any of the HyperTribes artists please contact Andy Stamp (Press and
Publicity) on 0114 221 0393.

Key dates for editors and journalists:

30 January. Advance information about the HyperTribes Public Art exhibition
available with images for editorial and listings.

27 February. Advance information regarding the Lovebytes Digital Arts
Festival Programme (23-25 April) and images for editorial and listings.

16 March. Public Art / Private View : Opening of HyperTribes Public Art
Exhibition. Lovebytes Digital Arts Festival Media Launch. Photo
opportunities and artists available for interviews. Festival press passes
available (limited numbers).

23 - 25 April. Lovebytes Digital Arts Festival. Press office reception in
the Showroom Cinema, events around Sheffield's Cultural Industries Quarter.
Seminars and Panel sessions take place in the Showroom Cinema. Programme of
speakers, performers and artists TBA.

Unit 320
15 Paternoster Row
S1 2BX
tel 0114 221 0393
fax 0114 279 6522

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