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<nettime> Re: art and business: system report

>btw: Webstalker by I/O/D won Mr.net.art title some days ago. and i'm
>sure such experiments with brosers will be  actual this year. They are
>very interesting and very technologically creative. 

no techy replies... just two Paragraphs...

the GEEKY one

Recently Frank Hecker from Netscape *thought the unthinkable* and 
Netscape will soon release the Source Code of the Navigator 5.0 - 
whoever wants it can have it, all you need is a powerful C++ compiler. 
So there is THE offer '98 for the art system - the software for the 
operating system for the art system is the NEXT BIG THING. Get it, 
store it and keep it in mind - you never know. Hey, how about some 
commercially determined art browsers? Only two steps away from the 
war industry (i.e. filtered through entertainment).

the NERDY one

The question that comes to mind is a different one - thinking about 
the hobbyist's creativity which fed into the development of net protocols, 
server software, browsers and so on, I find it hard to put my finger 
onto the monitor and say: "this is art, but this is not art" - that might 
push it a bit far. Nevertheless, art theory stole metaphors from the 
media environment - we steal it back; and subsequently manage to dismantle 
the 'Art vs. Commerce' dichotomy easily! ...and if it wasn't for the 
'Betriebssystem Kunst' (operating system art) it couldn't have happened... 
so we are not to blame...

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