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<nettime> sex, lies & video g.

Sex, lies & video games. In the attempt of understanding what interactivity
is, I use the basic reactive set up of two human beings. Corporal
interaction is limited both in aggression and acceptance (sexual or not),
and boredom gets involved @ this level quite rapidly.
In order to keep it away another level has 2 intervene. We use 2 call it
dialogue; although I guess a more generic name should be applied, and that
is story telling. No matter how short, story telling is actually the real
motivation for dialogues, where people are throwing @ each other images,
actions, topographic descriptions intersecting in a non linear succession.
But the reactive set is not this - it is the shoestring virtual space
between the physical performance of the narrator and the mental
visualization of the audience, between figuration and abstraction, between
the spoken and the speculative, between the named and the unnamed, the
immediate & the projected.
Example: prose provides less interactivity because addressing only the
mental spaces, and by that slowing down the sensorial emotions. Painting on
the other side eliminates the space of speculation by enhancing the
sensorial channeling of the narrative. The war prose of Tolstoi and the
campaign paintings of Baron Gros are separated by a gap which makes the
user's boredom oscillate between a demanding speculative and an oppressive
figurative environments.
While having Tolstoi and Gros talking 2 each other might be a good start 4
interactivity, if the user can fit in.

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