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<nettime> RE: Technologies of Control/ECHELON

This might be of interest to all of you who read the recent posts regarding
the ECHELON system, it's from Phil Agre's RRE list:

" I've been urged to remind everyone that the draft European Parliament
report on Technologies of Political Control that I sent out the other
day is still very much a draft.  I sent it out largely because I once
met its author, Steve Wright of the Omega Foundation, and at least on
that occasion found him to be a serious person.  On the other hand,
one individual whose judgement I normally trust has pointed out a
couple of factual errors in the draft, attributable to its having been
pulled together in a rough way from many sources.  One view is that
the report is just a political device for whacking the US whether it's
fair or accurate or not, but I have no hard facts to support or refute
that view, and if I had wanted to discredit the report then that's
the kind of hearsay that I would report.  So we'll have to see what
happens with it."


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