on Tue, 23 Dec 1997 13:54:21 +0100 (MET)

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<nettime> "MGTS must die!"

On Saturday, 20   around thousand  people came to the square in
front of Moscow White House to protest against new price policy of  MGTS
(Moscow City Telephone Network).

     Since  1,January 1998  monthly phone payment will be doubled.
4$=>8$ (Minimal salary in Moscow - 15$) and it will include only 700
minutes (~23 min a day). After you pay per minute and nobody knows how
much its going to be.

    Demonstrants were very young, teenagers, students - the most passive
part of mascovites. Internet users and FidoNet veterans demanded to
stop a monopolist and  prevent informational contrrevolution.
In the crowd  one could identify some persons running Internet 

 Actually, the idea of Saturday action came from St.Peterburg, but there
activists failed to get a permition to "demonstrate their collective

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