Jeremiah on Sun, 21 Dec 1997 20:53:44 +0100 (MET)

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No Subject

On Sat, 6 Dec 1997 wrote:


- Obelisc hacked -

How long is his exposure?
Does this solve ERROR 101?

Keep clicking to refresh memories. - this was a start!

We reject a politics of fear, violence and paranoia.
This fascism must be stamped out.
We refuse to be the trigger to revolutionary mongering.
We are not the collumn to hold up your quack Terminal Identity theories.
The collumn does not exist - identity starts here.
We refuse to be the political weathervane.
That obelisk was like a bee stinger - you sting once and you die.
It was a warning - you build up, you loose perspective, you fall down.
If you want to know about noise, go listen to a some Raasan Rohland Kirk
or find an old tape of Not Channel Zero.
In the end Bakunin went to the barricades not to incite, but to 
theoretically document a subjective perspective of how struggle 
manifests itself with creative energy otherwise lost in the moment, 
rather than Marx - looking from the top down - the noble savage syndrome.
Instead we nominate this shortest day and longest night to be a day 
without a screen to commemorate all those struggling without one - 
without access to this meta-thought.
And finally....
We refuse we-speak.

That's it. 
I've spent the week on Haloperidol stamping out my own paranoias. 
Yeah, the drug that turns your mouth into a rubberband that tries to snap
all by itself. Kind of like giving birth, I suppose, but I don't claim to 
know. It didn't work, of course - a myth did tho.
My phone bills are too high and I got a party to go to and maybe DJ at. 
Peace & Love.

This email and web pages does not endorse or otherwise influence
the credibility of the point of their transmission - the Terminal Bar. 
They have their own plan.

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