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<nettime> ! New Announcements

Vladimir Muzhesky : Nettropic Content Formatting Network @ ISEA Chicago
Conny Sollfrank   : Female Extension / how to hack a net-art-Competition 
Paul Garrin       : PGMedia Challenges U.S. Government's Claim to control
Simon Lamuniere   : dX website goes offline + on CD-ROM
Patrice Riemens   : Summaries of the current Le Monde Diplo
Ricardo Domingez  : Zapatista CyberMarch from Chiapas to Me'xico City
Giorgio Vaccarino : Hot Monuments / Nettville, a collaborative artwork
Ingwill Gjelsvik  : THE UNDERCOVER GIRL recruiting center
John Berndt       : CULT OF MARMS and The Nipple Project
CAiiA - NSAD      : art and consciousness in the post-biological era
Pericles          : Announcing september releases on the french artsite


Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 13:50:23 -0400
From: vladimir muzhesky <106352.243@compuserve.com>
Subject: reidetification: call for participation
To: nettime-l@desk.nl
Content-Disposition: inline

Mediasophical Reeidetification is an online critique space allocated by
Nettropic Content Formatting Network for ISEA`97web event program.  It
focuses on the architectural aspects of synthetic content and its
representational models.  In practise, MR reconstitutes classical
philosophical event of truth derivation by means of dialogue.  However, as
opposite to classic philosophy, MR is not locked in the perceptual -spatial
plane of Greek landscape, it is placed in  fluid multinode VR worlds, which
along with all their dynamic elements such as avatars constitute time-space
based synthetic statements.  For more details:

One can join MR in the following way:

1. submitting synthetic dispositions:  a set of two links which 
deconstruct each others meaningin digital space.  The sets will be
represented as buttons in MRVR worlds.  (post sets to :

2. participating in MR multiuser architectural statements.  (check out
www.dds.nl/~basicray/reeid.html for details)

3. exploring MR multinode on line single user terrains and posting related
associations to nettropics@heimat.de  (check out  www.fog.com/~basicray
and www.fog.com/~basicray/pretime.html for details)

All Nettime users are welcome.

Vladimir Muzhesky,
Nettropic Content Formatting Network


Approved: super01 
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 09:34:19 -0400
From: Tilman Baumgaertel <Tilman_Baumgaertel@compuserve.com>
Subject: FW: Female Extension
Content-Disposition: inline

                        F E M A L E   E X T E N S I O N

EXTENSION net art competition hacked!

127 contributions to the competition are not by woman artists, but by a
computer program

"280 contributions - two thirds by women", read the press release of the
Hamburger Kunsthalle museum, that was published on July, 3rd 1997 on the
net art competition EXTENSION. A number of publications, including the
newspaper Hamburger Morgenpost and the Internet-Site of the magazine
BUNTE, reported the news.

But the museum and the press had become victim of a hack: 127 of the
contributions were not by actual woman net artists, but automatically
generated by a computer program. 

For this artistic intervention, the Hamburg-based artist Cornelia
Sollfrank had gotten herself hunderts of email-Adresses on server
computers in seven countries, over which these simulated net art works
were sent to the Kunsthalle. 

These "art projects" consisted of randomly recombined web pages, that a
search engine had collected on the internet. All the fictitious woman net
artists, that "participated" in EXTENSION, got a name, a correct snail
mail adress and a working email adress. The jury didn't notice the hack,
until it was publicly announced.

Apart from improving her chances to win a prize, the artist tried with
FEMALE EXTENSTION to take the topic of the competition "internet as
material and topic" particularily serious.

What do the gender differences male/female mean on the internet? Who can
proove, if an email adress belongs to a man or a woman? And in how many
virtual identities can a net artist split herself up? FEMALE EXTENSIONS
asks these questions, and at the same time contradicts common prejudices
about woman and technology.

In addition to this FEMALE EXTENSION shows that art on the internet
isn't limited to the creation of web pages, but can also deal with
the technological dispositives of the net. 

The net art competition "Extensions" was announced by the Kunsthalle
(one of the two major museums for contemporary art in Hamburg, Germany)
in February 1997. It is the first competition of this nature in Germany,
and the first time a german museums presents net art.

Hamburg, 12.9.97                     contact: 100136.14@compuserve.com

The winners of the competition were:

1. Micz Flor and Florian Claue (Germany): "Cyber Tattoo" (10.000 Marks
(approximately $ 6000))

2. Ingo Guenther (USA/Germany): "Refugee Republic" (5.000 Marks)

3. Igor Stromajer (Slovenia): "Intima 0.html (3.000 Marks)

4. Christine Meierhofer (USA/Austria): Order a Theft 
(a web tv set (sic!!!))

The web site of EXTENSION is located at


Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 22:55:43 -0400
To: eon@black.hole
From: info@pgmedia.net (name.space)

PGMedia Challenges U.S. Government's Claim To
Control Of The Domain Name System

NEW YORK, NEW YORK: PGMedia, Inc. d/b/a
name.space(tm), the New York-based company which
sued Network Solutions, Inc. ("NSI") (the holder
of the monopoly in commercial Internet Domain
Name Registrations) for violations of U.S.
antitrust laws in March of this year, has
amended its Complaint in that case to join the
National Science Foundation ("NSF") as a
party-defendant. While PGMedia steadfastly
believes that the National Science Foundation
has no authority to restrict or forestall the
complete opening of the Domain Name Registration
market which PGMedia seeks in its case against
NSI, over the last three months, the NSF has
injected itself into the Domain Name dispute by
claiming (on behalf of the U.S. Government) to
exclusively control the Domain Name System. The
NSF has exerted this control to prevent NSI from
acquiescing in PGMedia's demand for access to
the market. Again, PGMedia believes that the NSF
possesses no such control or authority, but even
if it did, such actions have the clear effect of
limiting freedom of expression in the first and
foremost avenue of speech on the Internet -- the
Domain Name. Thus, either the NSF has no
authority, and NSI should be allowed to comply
with Federal and state antitrust law in settling
with PGMedia, or the NSF must, pursuant to the
First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution,
acquiesce in PGMedia's demand to unlimited and
shared Top Level Domain Names.

The name.space(tm) Service

PGMedia's name.space(tm) service
(http://namespace.pgmedia.net) was launched in
August 1996 to offer Internet Domain Name
Registration Services in competition with NSI
under virtually unlimited Top Level Domain
names. That is to say, while NSI has forced
Internet users to register their names under
.com, .net and .org, name.space(tm) offers the
full range of expression, in virtually any
language, in the top level namespace. In
addition, and significantly, name.space(tm)
claims no exclusivity with respect to the right
to register under any TLD. Indeed, PGMedia has
developed software and code to allow multiple
registries to register names under the same TLD.
Unfortunately, until NSI changes the so-called
"root zone file" (or directory of directories)
which resides on its root name servers, the
name.space(tm) top level domain names will not
be universally resolvable on the Internet. Until
NSI makes that change, only users who have
visited the name.space(tm) web page and
downloaded the self-executing application which
points their browser to the name.space(tm)
servers first can use a name.space(tm) domain

Pgmedia Sues Network Solutions To Open The
Domain Name Market

In March 1997, after NSI refused PGMedia's
request that reference to the name.space(tm)
name servers be added to the root zone file,
PGMedia sued NSI in Federal District Court in
the Southern District of New York seeking, among
other things, to compel NSI to add the
name.space(tm) TLDs and nameservers to the root
zone file. Initially, NSI refused, claiming that
Dr. Jon Postel, of the so-called Internet
Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA"), was the
only person who could add a TLD to the root zone
file. However, after several discussions with
PGMedia and its counsel, NSI proposed allowing
unlimited TLDs, but only if the National Science
Foundation had no objection. PGMedia has
consistently contended that the NSF has no more
of a place in this debate than any other
interested party, and could not act to
arbitrarily limit speech in the top level name
space even if it did. In June and again in
August of this year, the NSF informed NSI that
the NSF controlled the root zone file, and that
the NSF could not allow NSI to comply with
Federal and state antitrust laws in granting
PGMedia's reasonable request. With today's
addition of the National Science Foundation to
the case, the issue of who ultimately controls
the Global Internet is squarely before a Court
of competent jurisdiction. In addition, the
arbitrary restriction by the U.S. Government of
freedom of expression in the top level name
space may soon finally come to an end.

For more information, contact: law@pgmedia.net
or call (212) 677-4080


Return-Path: <lamunieres@sgg.ch>
X-Sender: lamunieres@mail.sgg.ch
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 16:47:43 +0200
To: info@documenta.de
From: lamunieres@sgg.ch (S. Lamunière)
Subject: end of documenta / cd-rom

dear friends,

the great website you participated in is about to end.
in less than 2 weeks (sept 29).
after this date the documenta homepage will totaly change.
the complete structure will be reduced to 2-3 pages.
it will indicate and link to the existing or continuing projects, if they
are on other servers.
as planed, the ones who are not on a proper server will be transfered to
www.sgg.ch (only mac)
of course the projects which stop will be mentioned but will have no link


As archive of documenta website we will produce a 1:1 cd-rom in a very
simple manner the idea is to make an archive of how the site was, not to
make a work in itself.

-each artist will receive 10 copies
-each collaborator of the dx-website will receive 2 copies
-the documenta-archive will have 10 copies
and option
-copies for institutions with archival and educational purposes

of course producing the cd-rom will make each of you you react in a
particular way.
so please make your remarks and i will answer you

one of the major problems to solve is
between the highly internet-related projects who difficultly work on cd-rom
(Huber/Pocock/Noll/Wenz, Blank/Jeron, Jodi, Muntadas, Crandall, Peljhan)
and the more hyperlink-based projects who can easely function on cd-rom
(Graumann, Bunting, Mullican, Friese, Wohlgemuth, Kippenberger, Workspace)

some of you will have to help us on making your project work on cd, 
some will have little or nothing to do

for this we can only discuss individually

so i hope to here from you soon

Simon Lamuniere


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Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 10:17:45 +0100
From: owner-nettime-l@Desk.nl
To: owner-nettime-l@basis.Desk.nl
Subject: BOUNCE nettime-l@basis.desk.nl: Approval required:     

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Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 17:50:46 +0200
To: English edition - Le Monde diplomatique 
From: Le Monde diplomatique <courrier@monde-diplomatique.fr>
Subject: August/September edition
Sender: patrice@xs4all.nl

Dear readers,

     Our August/September 1997 English edition is now on line.

     We encourage you to forward this announcement to anyone you
 think might be interested by our English edition. However please
 do not forward it to mailing-lists without referring to us.

                               * * *


                           Le Monde diplomatique

                            { english edition }

                           August/September, 1997


    In the shadow of inequality
      by Alain Gresh

     The successful two-week strike in August by 185,000 UPS delivery
     drivers in the United States may prove to be a turning point in
     American social history. This is a welcome change given the gross
     disparity in wealth between a rich minority and the rest of the
     population in the US --- a disparity which is all the greater at
     the global level.


    Alarm in the Middle East

     The failure of the Oslo accords is turning the region into a powder
     keg once more. We must hope that it is not too late for a last
     chance of peace.

    The unsolved mystery of a Saudi bomb attack
      by Alain Gresh

     Saudi investigations into the devastating bombing at Al Khobar in
     June 1996, in which 19 US soldiers lost their lives, remain murky
     and unresolved. Saudi disenchantment with the United States is
     growing. Conversely, Washington is increasingly unable to dictate
     terms to its strategic ally, now beset by economic and social
     problems, a rise in Islamist opposition activity and an ongoing
     struggle for the succession.


    Fifty years of dispossession
      by Jan de Jong

     After four years of halting talks, the optimism of September 1993
     has vanished and the Palestinians see little mileage in continuing
     the Oslo talks. The more so in the light of Benyamin Netanyahu's
     formula, known as "Allon plus", under which the Palestinians would
     stand to recover no more than half the land of the West Bank.

    Who owns what
      by Michael R. Fischbach

     For the first time, with the establishment of the Palestinian
     Authority, the Palestinians are gaining legal control over their
     land. But there are all sorts of problems to overcome in
     registering and selling land, establishing titles --- and
     preventing forgery.

    In Israel too
      by Joseph Algazy

     The land grab is not just taking place in East Jerusalem, the West
     Bank and Gaza. It is continuing in Israel too. Wholesale
     confiscation has always been the name of the game in the Galilee
     and it still affects the Bedouin of the Negev. With 92% of the land
     in the hands of state bodies, a debate has now begun over
     privatisation. But there is no question of land passing into
     non-Jewish hands. So much for the equality of Israel's Arab


    Does Africa need the police?
      by Marc-Antoine Pérouse de Montclos

     The police in Africa are out of control - untrained, corrupt and
     often staffed by ex-combatants of civil wars. A legacy of the
     colonial era, they have never won popular support. Now the public
     has had enough and is taking its protection into its own hands.

    Much manoeuvring around Sudan
      by Jean-Louis Peninou

     With the military situation in the south and the eastern borders in
     a state of considerable change, Sudan's Islamist regime is looking
     increasingly vulnerable. Its future seems likely to depend on the
     attitudes of members of the new geopolitical bloc that has emerged
     in East Africa around Uganda (and its ally, the new Democratic
     Republic of the Congo), Ethiopia and Eritrea.

    A strange inheritance
      by Claude Wauthier

     Freemasonry in Africa is a European import, a relic of the colonial
     era, and it is remarkably widespread in both French and
     English-speaking Africa. It is often found close to the centres of
     power and its members frequently seek to act as mediators in the
     frequent crises accompanying democratisation.


    Change comes to Magnitogorsk
      by Marie-Claude Slick

     From its heyday, when it produced the steel for half the Soviet
     tanks in the second world war, Magnitogorsk has had to adjust to
     post-Soviet realities. Its professionals have turned themselves
     into traders, but they have done it with pride and sometimes with
     great success. Unusually for modern-day Russia, the city has
     managed to retain a rare community spirit as it tackles a difficult

    Beijing faces up to Uighur nationalists
      by Vincent Fourniau

     Xinjiang, the vast empty region on China's western fringe once
     known as East Turkestan, has been the scene of unrest on the part
     of Uighur minority for some years. A wave of bomb attacks has met
     by strong-arm tactics by Beijing. The Uighurs look with envy at the
     opening up of the Turkic republics of Central Asia and dream of a
     state of their own.


    The fourth world war has begun
      by Sub-Commandant Marcos

     An original, geostrategic analysis of the state of the world by the
     leader of the Zapatista National Liberation Army, written in his
     retreat in Mexico's Lacandona forest. Marcos conjures up seven
     pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, representing the evils of the world we
     live in (chief among which figure neoliberalism and globalisation)
     and its one redeeming feature, resistance.

    Nunavut, the final carve-up of Canada?
      by Philippe Bovet

     1999 will see the creation of a new autonomous Canadian territory,
     Nunavut. It could be followed later on by Nunavik, within Quebec,
     to form a common home for the Inuit who are scattered throughout
     the Arctic to Greenland. This ambitious project will link 27
     Nunavut communities straddling three different time zones and give
     the Inuit an independent future of their own.


    Hard times for working women
      by Margaret Maruani

     Despite efforts to persuade women to stay at home and care for the
     family, and despite raging unemployment, more and more women are
     coming on to the labour market. But, if more of them are working,
     they are earning less money. Part-time work has become a new form
     of underemployment reserved for women. This too means less money.
     We now have the "working poor" --- and most of them are

    American offensive for control of the skies
      by Yves Belanger and Laurent Carroué

     The spectacular merger of Boeing and McDonnell Douglas, which
     neither the US nor the European authorities opposed, has put this
     private sector group in a monopoly position from which to combat
     its only rival, the European Airbus Consortium. The American group
     now has over 200,000 employees and sales of nearly $40 billion. It
     exemplifies the US' determination to assert its dominance in
     high-tech industries worldwide.


    Fighting for communication control
      by Herbert I. Schiller

     Liberalism is for others. Though it insists on unlimited access for
     American products from the rest of the world, Washington has not
     hesitated since the end of world war two to intervene in any sector
     it deems strategic for maintaining US dominance. Communication is
     the most critical of these sectors, from both the industrial as
     well as the symbolic point of view, for mastering the
     "information society" of the next century.


     For more information on our English edition, and to read
     our June and July 1997 English editions please visit


     To subscribe to our free "dispatch" mailing-list, send an
     (empty) e-mail to:


     To unsubscribe, send an (empty) e-mail to:


Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 09:05:10 -0700
From: ricardo dominguez <rdom@thing.net>
Reply-To: rdom@thing.net
Organization: The Thing
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To: "nettime-l@Desk.nl" <nettime-l@Desk.nl>
Subject: Re: Zapatista CyberMarch
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 It is public knowledge that representatives of the 
 EZLN are marching from San Cristobal de las Casas, 
 Chiapas to Me'xico City.
 The Zapatistas will arrive today and gather at the Zocalo,
 for this reason, we call on "civil society" at international 
 level, to join the march through cyberspace 
 supporting the following demands:
 A) The fulfillment of the San Andre's Accords on 
    indigenous rights and culture.
 B) The demilitarization of Chiapas,Mexico.
 URGENT - September 12, 1997, the Zapatistas will 
 arrive in Mexico City, the Ministry of Public Security
 is planning to launch into action security mechanisms 
 combined with military intelligence, and for that
 reason, we call on those who will support the 
 cyberspace march, to also condemn the repressive 
 systems that provoke a hostile environment that does 
 not help in the establishment of peace.
  We request international "civil society"  to remain 
 alert about repressive mechanisms, since through very 
 reliable sources, we know there will be agents dressed 
 in civilian clothing yet armed, presenting a real danger 
 to all the participants in this march due to the provocations 
 they might cause.
 The cyberspace march hopes to be part of the activities 
 the "civil society" will take on as part of opening 
 civilian peaceful spaces where Mexicans can resolve their 
 own problems.
 To all who wish to join us on this march through cyber
 space for peace, we invite you to send an e-mail message 
 to the following addresses:

or to the web page:
Zapatista March Welcoming Committee

Date: Sat, 13 Sep 1997 02:12:34 +0200 (ITADST)
X-Sender: a.ludovico@agora.stm.it
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To: nettime-l@Desk.nl
From: infonetville@alpcom.it (Giorgio Vaccarino) (by way of Alessandro
Subject: Hot Monuments

Dear friend,

a new step in the Netville's foundation is now starting from the website

                          HOT MONUMENTS

It is the "Web Side" of Netville, the World Wide City of Contemporary Art
in the Age of Interaction.

Hot Monument's web pages are a "collaborative artwork", in which all
visitors are invited to submit their favourite sites in the form of an
automatically growing database. It is navigateable by visitors, who can
find and recognize in these pages the results of their contributions.

The submission form provides a non-strictly-defined range of categories in
text fields such as "smell (of the monument), colors, taste, size, etc.",
which can also be enriched with small sketches or pictures (both still or

If there is a message that should be seized by Netville's visitors, it is
the need of an increasing public access to the monuments of contemporary
communication, which must be situated in the best real spaces all around
the world.

The "new city" should offer transparent access to the virtual world,
through the sites which are traditionally aimed at urban communication:
monuments and places are now ready to become, in a way, plastic interfaces
with  numerical space.

Faced with the invisible sites of real life, the city of "heavy bodies" can
reconcquer its own identity, and can avoid to fade into the weightless
limbo of expanding virtual space.

Please send, if you like, a short brief of your favourite site, completing
the submission form (at the URL of Hot Monuments) and uploading a small GIF
or JPG file for it's best illustration.

Thank you in advance,

Giorgio Vaccarino


Return-Path: <tug@powertech.no>
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 18:37:03 +0200
From: tug <tug@powertech.no>

Hello there!

THE UNDERCOVER GIRL recruiting center: http://www.powertech.no/tug/

For your information:

The Undercover Girl (TUG) is an international art project comprising 
website, magazine and exhibition. TUG was initiated and is based in 
Oslo, Norway.

The project will be finished in spring 1998. Until then, agents in the 
form of artists, journalists, scientists, advertising people and others 
will perform investigative and creative "undercover work", to be 
publicized on the TUGWEB and in TUG Magazine. The first part of the 
project, The Undercover Girl WEBsite, was released on the Net on May 
1st, 1997. The Undercover Girl adresses individuals who take an interest 
in investigating some of the structures that make up our common, visual 
language. Our goal with TUGWEB is to recruit people who wish to enter 
into a dialogue with the project and research the concept of NEW 

Are YOU interested in finding out what NEW STIMULI is, what meaning it 
carries for you - and others around you? (See the New Stimuli page on 

Enlist as a TUG agent, and you will have experiences that transcend your 
own powers of realization. (See The Undercover Girl page and the Your 
Life As A TUGger page on TUGWEB)

On the ProInfo page, you will find straight information on how YOU 
should act as a TUG agent.

PS: Remember to supply your own CODENAME. Only when the time is right do 
we reveal our true identities. (See the TUG Magazine page on TUGWEB.)

???????????? Any questions? Contact the Chief TUG on tug@powertech.no

We welcome tips on links related to the theme NEW STIMULI.

Do YOU know someone who should be contacted by TUG? What areas do YOU 
think we should try to uncover? Do YOU know potential TUG agents? Get In 
Touch With TUG at tug@powertech.no.

Use the network - use the Undercover Girl Recruiting Center!

Yours truly,

Ingwill Gjelsvik (Chief TUG)

CHECK OUT: http://www.powertech.no/tug/


Date: Tue, 2 Sep 1997 18:21:57 +0100
To: nettime-l@Desk.nl
From: John Berndt <johnb@berndtgroup.net>
Subject: CULT OF MARMS and The Nipple Project

>This is to announce the advent of an unusual project which I hope some or
>all of you will contribute to. Please spread this announcement far and
>wide, to friends & other potentially interested "humans!"
>                     "www.cultofmarms.org"
>...is a new domain on the web hosting the projects of The Cult of radical
>Marms. The first one is THE NIPPLE PROJECT, a tattoo project which invites
>you (and the world) to design the areola for a real-life breast
>reconstruction. To quote from the opening page:
>                  "Due to circumstances beyond
>                my control, I have found myself
>                in need of new nipples, including
>                 areolae. The technique used to
>                   recreate the nipple itself is
>                   surgical. The areolae will be
>                 created in a later step, using a
>                        tattoo technique.
>                    I am Inviting you to help
>                       design the areolae."
>The rest of the site gives instructions for submitting your designs. In the
>future, a NIPPLE LIBRARY database may be hosted as a perminant resource to
>the online community, presenting all of the submitted designs including the
>one ultimately chosen for the reconstruction.
>This is a project of the person who is having the reconstruction, with some
>basic technical assistance by Luther Blissett.


[does anyone wrote an interesting report on this conf? it is a quite
new formation.. has it to do with new-age-new-media? more info please! /p]

Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 17:42:48 +0000
To: nettime-owner@is.in-berlin.de
From: k.landa@newport.ac.uk


2nd International CAiiA Research Conference

art and consciousness in the post-biological era

19 - 23 August 1998

Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts
University of Wales College, Newport


The Conference
Consciousness Reframed: art and consciousness in the post-biological era is
a forum for the presentation and discussion of issues and developments in
the emergent field of art, technology and consciousness. Following the
success of the 1st CAiiA Consciousness Reframed Conference in July 1997,
which attracted over 170 delegates from 23 countries, including some 98
presenters, we are arranging the second conference to take place in August
1998, again at the Caerleon Campus of the University of Wales College,
Newport. Registration and Reception will be on Wednesday 19 August. The
programme will be scheduled from  Thursday to Saturday inclusive, with
departure on the morning of Sunday 23 August 1998.

Call for Papers
Papers are invited from researchers in all disciplines who are involved in
exploring inter-relationships between art, technology and consciousness.

Submission of Abstracts
Abstracts (500 word maximum) are due no later than 21 November  1997.
Please submit abstracts as an attached document in Microsoft Word by e-mail
to <aces@newport.ac.uk  Please include up to five keywords with your

Panels may be proposed. Proposals should include details of each member of
the panel .

Include in your submission the title, author(s), institutional
affiliation, and contact address (including phone/fax/email and URL if

Your Abstract  must be accompanied by a declaration of intention to attend
the conference.

Abstracts will be acknowledged on receipt and authors will be notified of
acceptance by  17 December 1997.  Final papers of no more than 2500 words
will be required by 1 April 1998.

Registration Fee
The Registration fee for Presenters will be UK 95  (ninety five pounds).
The Registration fee for non-presenters will be UK 225 (two hundred and
twenty five pounds)

In order to be included in the Conference Programme  and announcements,
presenters are required to pay the Registration Fee by 10 February 1998.

Conference Accommodation and Meals
The  Residential fee for accommodation and all meals, (including the
Conference Dinner) from  the Reception on Wednesday  19 August 1998 through
breakfast on Sunday  23 August 1998 will be UK 190 (one hundred and ninety
The non-residential fee, without accommodation and breakfast but for all
other meals, (including the Conference Dinner) from  the Reception on
Wednesday 19 August 1998 through evening of Saturday 22 August 1998 will
be UK 90 (ninety pounds)

Residential and non-residential fees must be paid by 30 June 1998.

PLEASE ALL EQUIRIES TO  aces@newport.ac.uk

Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts
University of Wales College, Newport
Caerleon Campus  PO Box 179  Newport NP6 1YG Wales UK


Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 16:14:54 +0100
From: Pericles <Pericles@insat.com>


Announcing september releases on the french artsite Pericles, at
http://www.insat.com/Pericles :

"My jewell" by Yael Kanarek : a new "love letter from a world of awe".

"¡ Hola ! ¿ Qué tal Ché ? a roundtable around Ernesto "Ché" Guevara and
meta-cultures, by Jean-Paul Thibeau.

"Un manège sans toit" by Catherine Mazieres : a strange merry-go-round.

"Photo-diner" : first rendez-vous with the Gang of 3.

Thanks for your attention.
To read you.

For Pericles, jean-philippe halgand.
Pericles was created in 1996 by Thierry Michelet and Jean-Philippe
Halgand. It is based in Bordeaux, France.


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