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<nettime> the bureau of inverse technolgy: bit plane

Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 23:26:54 -0800
From: Bureau of inverse technolgy

the bureau of inverse technology [bit] is a private information agency
servicing the information age. incorporated melb. au 1992 operates
internationally. the bureau identifies engineers and develops strategic
technoproducts to address contemporary technical and social conditions.

pre-release product information for bureau of inverse technology product
bit plane follows.

the bit plane is a pet aerial observation unit, developed by bureau
engineers from the generous residues of coldwar precision. The device
consists of a radio-controlled model aircraft, instrumented with an onboard
miniature b&w video camera and transmitter, which sends continuous
in-flight digital video to a ground video receiver. The video signal, in
combination with a joy stick controller, provides the navigational system
for the plane.

the bit plane flies as a remote agent. it accesses airspace normally
designated for emergency / enforcement purposes or objective journalism.
its compact dimensions and unique control system enable it to navigate in
airspace inaccessible to other aircraft.

bit plane missions

1. silicon valley

the bureau is currently conducting a detailed study of silicon valley usa
using proprietary aerial video data captured by the bit plane.
silicon valley, unmarked capital of the global information industry, is
contained in a 30 by 10 mile strip of land in northern california. its rich
artificial topography features an extraordinary concentration of info-tech
developers, biotechnology estates, semi-conductor and venture capital
firms, corporate research parks, giant logos, campus landscaping, military
science facilities, artificial irrigated lawns.
many of the products and symbols of the global information economy are
generated here.

this inflight video presents the familiar hosts and icons of the
information age from a novel aerial vantage - in the tradition of
intelligence [1] gathering satellites and police patrol / traffic-judging
helicopters - to provide a dizzying and sometimes startlingly mundane vista
of what is arguably the most dynamic economic territory in the world.


the hypnotic-banality of this high concentration info-industrial landscape
points to some discrepancy between technotopist rhetoric and actual
recorded view.

spy plane
the bit plane operates as bureau agent in actual overhead space. a uniquely
non-virtual trespasser, it carries out the entry-fantasy missions imagined
by the hacker boys. the unit freely violates the airspace of firewall
corporations / nondisclosure-agreements, providing [2] valuable data on
current configurations of the Information State as it flies over unusual
formations of brilliant engineers, next generation chips, suburban tract
housing enclaves, military think tanks, maverick young ceo's, bmw
convertibles, dense cellular networks, garage door openers, cheap foreign
labour and the pleasant climate of northern california.

2. further applications

the bit plane is preparing to be flown from a world wide web interface.
custom bit plane software and a high speed data connection will enable bit
plane navigational control over the Internet. [the software dispatches real
time commands from the player/operator to a serial device that operates the
plane's motor controls, and provides an interface with the camera,
delivering live control view video to the pilot].

proposed exercises:

- transatlantic: pilot westcoast usa controlling bit plane demonstration
flight over [european city to be designated] - the bureau expects this
transatlantic internet control system to be a potential aeronautical
industry first.

- fighter: dual fighter planes controlled by pilots logging on from
disparate locations, meet in public airspace in friendly combat. in the
videogame-logic of drastic collision imperative [ the bit plane will not be
fitted with missiles or artillery] successful mission will assure
destruction of both planes, cameras and transmitters. [sponsorship sought].

All flights to take place over civic locations providing picturesque vistas
encompassing important monuments, public plazas, private property, innocent
bystanders and international observers.

bit plane specifications:
plane gross weight .53lb  longest linear measurement 31"  [wing tip to tail]
bit plane non-lethal design features ccd board camera with transmitter
the bit plane will not show up on radar.
the bureau provides pre-politicized packaging and technical support
contact us for more information.

palo alto sept15.1997

[1] notable precedents: soviet satellite imaging of the pentagon; us air
force photography of iraqi land use during operation desert storm; lapd
helicopter surveillance patrols

[2] the bit plane undoubtedly has potential for inverse information
gathering; this option is currently unselected.

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