Mike Weisman on Thu, 11 Sep 1997 15:48:44 +0200 (MET DST)

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Re: <nettime> Re: nettime@ars

I have a few suggestions, based on other lists I subscribe to. First,
there must be a digest version. This helps conserve bandwidth and memory
on computers for people who down-load from a POP server. Also, I have
noticed that there is an occasional 'flare up' over some topic that you
may not be interested in, such as wearable art or George Soros. This will
generate many posts from the fanatics. But the rest of the people can
delete the digest for that day. Administrators have told me this also
reduces their work, once the system is running and all the bounced
messages are cleaned up.
I must tell you that net-time is very important. There is a great deal of
important thought that is generated here, then it migrates through the Web
and to print. It is almost sinister the way net-time infects thoughts about
the Web and culture. You do not always understand how it works. It is
The last suggestion is that we encourage people to learn to use their
e-mail programs efficiently. Do not send the entire message back out if
you are only quoting one sentence. Be selective. Don't send out messages
that just say "me too!"
These suggestions may help reduce net-time traffic. And make life easier
for administrators. 
I would just like to say, that I am in the US. Despite the talk about a
'free press', anyone here can tell you the media in the US is severely
censored by both government and commercial censors. Our diet of news and
commentary is limited to the government line. Commercial news services
believe it is unethical to provide anything but government news unless it
is a scandal.And all news in the US is controlled by a few people. During
Desert Storm, the Bosnia deployment, and the Eurotop all US news was
controlled by military censors. The only way we can find out what is
really happening is through lists like net-time and some others. I also
bought a short-wave to listen to news outside the US info bubble. 
So have some sympathy for the poor deluded Americans, who live in a
commercial/governmental news bubble without access to the real poop. We
need the info from outside. We are info poor and stimulus rich. 

Over and out, for now..... 
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