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<nettime> form art

"Very formally"

Prize of form art competition awarded at ars electronica

On wednesday evening the first form art prize in the history of art
was awarded at the ars electronica in Linz, Austria.
The Moscowite Alexei Shulgin


, inventor of this new genre of net-based art, handed out two
money prizes at a moving ceremony in the basement of the design centre,
where the ars electronica takes place. The winners were Michael Samyn


, founder and only member of the net.art group Group Z,


and Kathrin Schmidt


While Samyn's work is a fine example of classic form art, Schmidt's
piece expands form art to a an unprecented conceptual level.

Both will recieve 500 Dollar in cash from Alexej Shulgin. If the
transaction will take place over the internet or by snail mail
hasn't been decided yet. Shulgin had circulated invitations to join
the competition.


via the net. Forteen artists send works for the competition. According
to Shulgin the quality of the submissions was very high, and the jury,
that consisted out of himself, had a hard time in deciding who should be
awarded with this prestigious prize.

While many observers agreed that they had witnessed the birth of an
important new art movement, some felt that form art will mainly lead to
more crashes of their browser.
Shulgin refuses to serve as a leader to the new art movement, that he
has started. Asked how he communicated with his followers, he replied:
"Very formally..."

Link to video interview with Shulgin

Tilman Baumgaertel

Written for the netreport of ars electronica:
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