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<nettime> ! Perry Hoberman at Postmasters Gallery

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April 26 - May 24, 1997

Postmasters Gallery will present  "Sorry We're Open" - a one-person
exhibition in a variety of media by PERRY HOBERMAN.
Opening reception: Saturday, April 26, 6-8 pm.

"Sorry, We're Open"

In Sorry We're Open, new works by Perry Hoberman are installed in a
painfully authentic replica of a contemporary office interior. Modular
cubicles enclose decoy electronics, mutant rolodexes, and gluttonous
robotic arms. The dynamics of the office politics are dismantled (if not
demolished) by works that expose the hidden undersides of carpets and
desks. Common office staples such as drop ceilings, file cabinets and
artificial plants are reconfigured in works that range from the pacifying
to the ominous. Interactive, non-interactive and neo-interactive objects
and installations are deployed within a maze of sound-absorbing partitions.

Endlessly adaptable, the modern office workplace is an arrangement of
provisional and interchangeable components, components that include the
workers (also known as "temps") themselves. This arrangement mirrors the
inner workings of the digital systems that are the beating heart of our
millennial moment: everything (and everyone) is constantly being upgraded
in a neo-Darwinian process of seemingly unimpeachable progress that (much
like biological evolution itself) provides the reassuring illusion of
rational goal.
  "Rather than critiques of cyberculture, Perry Hoberman's work aims at
  assimilating its technologies, devouring its images, betraying its
  illusions, and creating a kind of raucous discourse. Less outright
  subversion than ingenious sabotage, the satiric constructions, parodic
  objects, mocked images, pseudo-virtual environments, iterated banalities,
  and efficient surfaces betray their own artifice as they signify just how
  deeply the expectations of artificiality have embedded themselves in the
  imagination. Sorry, We're Open links the systems of work, play, and
  imagination in an encounter with technologies whose sheer presence is far
  too easily overshadowed by disquieting conceptions of transparency and
Timothy Druckrey
(from Pandemonium, Ubiquity, Redundancy, Absurdity, an essay in the
brochure accompanying the exhibition)


In The Hole - our monthly project - we will present an installation by


Postmasters Gallery, located in SoHo, New York at 80 Greene Street, is open
Tuesday through Saturday 11am to 6 pm. Please contact Magdalena Sawon with
any questions that you might have.
phone:	212-941-5711			e-mail: 	
fax:	212-431-4679				website:

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