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<nettime> the historical spam museum

[a nettime short interview for zkp4 -p]

> 1. when did you start your Spam Museum?

the historical spam museum and archive was started on Oct 30 1996
at 2:13 pm CST.  one of the great things about the internet is the
immense volume of meaningless trivia its able to generate.

> 2. Do you think its art?

i do not consider spam to be art.  but then, i don't consider Monet to
be art either.

> 3. How can people participate?

the museum is primarily an information resource, providing access to
archived spam, uce (unsolicited commercial email), make money fast
schemes, and selected urban legends.  we're continually building new
features into the museum, such as search capabilities and data
compilations.  as with most museums, donations of spam are happily
accepted into our collection.

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