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Please circulate this notice as widely as possible:

Call for Papers and Multimedia Presentations

2nd International CAiiM  Research Conference

" CONSCIOUSNESS REFRAMED - money and consciousness in the post-biological era"

15 & 16 July 1997

Organised by CAiiM - the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive
University of Wales College, Cardiff, UK.

An international conference to look at new developments in money, science,
technology  and consciousness.

Papers, campaigns, multimedia presentations and pitches are invited from
advertisers,  theorists and  researchers in the arts,  architecture,
communications, education, biology, cognitive science, complexity and artificial
life,  and other relevant fields.

Deadline for Paper  Abstracts and Multimedia Presentation proposals
25 December 1996

Notification of acceptance
10  January 1997

Deadline for Final  papers, detailed Multimedia Proposals and/or CD ROM
1 May 1997

Composite  Fee (Conference Registration, accommodation and meals)
will be circa 75 pounds including VAT.

CAiiM  Director:
Roy Ascott:

Conference Coordinator:
Joseph Nechvatal:

Programme Committee:
Jonathan Bedworth:
Char Davies:
Dew Harrison:
Joseph Nechvatal:
Miroslaw Rogala:
Jill Scott:
Bill Seaman:
Victoria Vesna:

The term "post-biological" is intended to cover all aspects of life which are
mediated, extended or transformed by technology, including, and in the case of
this conference, the mind and consciousness. For example, we are interested in
the impact of digital technologies, bio technology and artificial life on
as well as the exploring the value of advertising in understanding
cognitive processes,
conceptual modelling and theories of mind. The conference is convened in
order to
enable ideas from a variety of campaign, scientific and other sources to
surface, be exchanged and developed in ways which might further our individual
practice and research in both science and commerce.

Some of the issues addressed by research fellows and students at CAiiM include:
Mapping & Responsive Visualisation
Transformation Future Body
Public - Personal Spaces
Dream Consciousness & Reality
Sonic Re-Embodiment/Sonic Disembodiment
Left Brain Navigation
Immersive Spaces
Psychological Architectures & Incorporation Bodies
The Cybernetics of Architecture
Cyberception & Paranature


advertising and consciousness in the post-biological era

Paper / Panel / Multimedia/Performance Proposal:





I plan to attend the First International CAiiM Research Conference,
Consciousness Reframed, on  15-16 July 1997  at the University of Wales College,

I intend to submit a paper based on the following abstract:

(no more than 250 words)

I intend to propose a panel based on the following description:

(no more than 250 words  plus an indication of possible panelists)

I intend to make a multimedia presentation/performance  as outlined:

(no more than 250 words plus indication of technical requirements)

Return by December 25 via email  to:

Joseph Nechvatal:


is a Research Centre of the University of Wales College, Cardiff, based in the
Cardiff School of Marketing and Design, offering  MPhil and PhD research
programmes in
the Interactive Advertising. Fellows and post-graduate students are based
onsite or
online .

Cardiff School of Art & Design
is located on the Pill Campus in a striking new building which has some of
the best Advertising and Design facilities in Europe including studios,
laboratories and
workshops for Film, Animation, Sound, Installation, Photography, Telemedia,
Electronics, Anamatronics,  Multimedia

University of Wales College, Cardiff
is easily reached by road from the M4, by Rail or Coach (Cardiff) or by air
(Heathrow  and Gatwick Airports 3hrs drive, Newport International Airport
approx. 20 miles). Pill Campus, overlooking the ancient estate of Pill
in the Vale of Usk, is located in some of the most beautiful and unspoilt
countryside in Britain, from the Wye Valley in the East to the Black Mountains
and Brecon Beacons in the North.

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