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Re: <nettime> metatainment

At 01:20 PM 3/27/97 -0800, via RadioMail wrote:

>Everyone knows that it was my "English Ideology and WIRED Magazine" essay
>(published by nettime and ReWired, as we all know) that got the discussion
>going on all this at the WELL . . . and they should know that Kevin
>responded to the "Goofy" topic that it was me who was most instrumental in
>proving the new direction for the magazine.  Yeah, goofy old me. <g>

Actually, Stahlman-san, it was Karrie Jacobs' "Utopia Redux," published
here (of course), that triggered the "Goofy Leftists" topic on the WELL.
Yer name came up a bit (actually many bytes) later.
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