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nettime: Internet and Castor-demonstrations

here a little message left by Eveline Lubbers on Nettime.nl

Yesterday NRC-Handelsblad gave a summary of what Der Spiegel 
wrote about the resistance against the Castor-transports.
Next to lesbian farmers and the Madonna fanclub against
nuclear transports, the following interesting passage:

'New is the role that the Internet plays in modern campaigning.
Blocking campaigners and police spokespersons appear to overload
journalists every hour with a fload of information, with which 
they are being supported by sympathizers that stayed at home. 
Characterizing for the latter according to Der Spiegel is their
great creativity: do demonstrators in the street form an anonymous
mass of like-minded, a 'demonstration in cyberspace' is an 
expression of individualists that, not hindered by helicopters
and watercanons, want to give a striking opinion.' 


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