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nettime: FYI: The registry promoting ".web" sues IANA and IAHC

..The registry promoting ".web" sues IANA and IAHC

    On Thursday Image Online Design, Inc., filed a lawsuit alleging
    breach of contract against the Internet Assigned Numbers Agency and
    the ad-hoc committee created by the IANA to rework the way domain
    names are assigned. You can read coverage of the suit at News.com
    [1] or browse the text of the suit itself on IOD's site [2]. IOD
    has been running a registry for names ending in .web under authority
    granted by the IANA. The company claims that a verbal agreement with
    the IANA to award it permanent proprietorship of .web was breached
    when the International Ad Hoc Committee promulgated its final recom-
    mendations [3]. Under the IAHC plan, .web would be placed in a lot-
    tery along with the six other new top-level domains.

    [1]  <URL:http://www.news.com/News/Item/0%2C4%2C8375%2C00.html>
    [2]  <URL:http://www.iodesign.com/complaint.html>
    [3]  <URL:http://www.tbtf.com/archive/02-11-97.html#s01>

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