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nettime: @: Jared, a song goes around the net


a song goes around the net.

From: (SomeThing Software) SomeThing@aol.com
Subject: Jared: Butcher of Songs v.1.1

While Central America has seen more than its share of atrocities in
recent years; never before has a lovely Guatemalan folk song been
brutalized as thoroughly as by the vocal stylings of JARED, the Head

Like an angry Immigration officer, Jared's distinctive rendition grabs
us, slaps us around, threatens to cavity search us and ultimately demands
our passport be issued from that same circle of hell from which his voice

Never has the mating of cats sounded so melodic as after one has
listened to "El Carnicero de Canciones."  the "Butcher of Songs,"  as
Jared was known in Guatemala. Yet, this is perhaps the worst part, one is
somehow drawn to his song, playing it over and over again. So listen to,
"Shayla-uuugh", and suffer -- for this is art.

Mac: http://hyperarchive.lcs.mit.edu/HyperArchive/Archive/game/jared-11.hqx
Win: http://www.freeverse.com/ftp/jared.zip

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