Diana McCarty on Wed, 19 Feb 97 23:40 MET

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nettime: ! Who Governs the Net? IRC

Dear Nettimers, 

We invite you to participate in an irc
to have a moderated and informative chat 
about name.space with Paul Garrin. 

This is an open irc, but please follow the 
old school dialectic scheme:

In the first section we want to 
collect the pros (keep it short) 
in the second we collect the cons
(keep it simple). In the third
section, anything can happen. 
(keep the guns at home)

please prepare your questions in advance: 
If you cannot participate in the irc, send questions 
to: diana@dial.isys.hu or pit@contrib.de

A short report of the irc will be posted to nettime.

moderators: Pit Schultz, Diana McCarty

the controversy of alternative top level domain names.

date:      Fri Feb 20
Time:      20.00 GMT
channel:   #nettime
/server:   irc.funet.fi 

list of background articles:

sources of discussions:

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