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Re: nettime: Cut it out!

My apologies Tapio.  i have seen so much hype and blather else where in
the list where entrepreneurs are trying to convince folk with little
technical background that they have discovered the one best way and can
beend reality to fit their world view that it has been difficult to regard
Paul's version of name.space as anything else but more of the same.

now I agree that i should take care not to try to impose my views on a
community that may be founded on a different philosphy.

you have expressed a desire for a name.space that is congenial to the view
of this community if I understand you correctly?  I have one question.  to
you realize that if you set it up in your own DNS servers, you will do
just fine in enabling the users of those servers to communicate with each
other.  However people using those domain names while attached to OTHER
ISPs will be unable to find you. And unless you get providers to point
towards the 'normal' DNS space of the network you w You will have in
effectill be unable to find anyone else.  you will have
balkanized and isolated your name.space from the rest of
the internet.

Further more, like it or not, there *IS* an internet community that from a 
technical point of view keep the network running and expanding.  This community 
is the  the IAB, IANA, RIPE, APNIC, ARIN and most importantly the IETF.

If you are talking about technical change within the network and don't
want to balkanize yourself from the rest of the network, like it or not
you are talking about this community.

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