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Re: nettime: dns is a distributed database

you say:

The name.space model does away with ANY hegemony of one registry
over another.  Just think of DNS registries like travel agencies:
No one travel agancy has the right over any other travel agancy to
book a seat on any airline (unless, of course they buy the whole
flight!).  No two can book the same seat.  Just extrapolate that
to dns registration, and you have the answer.

COOK but some one better be keeping a list of what seats on the flights
have been sold.  Someone in the airline industry has an AUTHORITATIVE list
of what seats are available and what are not.

Are you claiming there is no need for any authoritative list?  that is
what it sounds like to me.

or are you saying that you have some new as yet undisclosed database
technology that obviates the need for root domain name servers?

a distributed database means that different entities should be able to
provide updates to it..... do you agree?  The question then becomes what
is it?  cookreport.com has to point to one and only one IP number.  if the
correct IP number is then name.space better point to that as
well as IHAC.  because if name.space points some where else and some one
really wants to use that to send email to me, it will do neither me nor
the sender any good when the message winds up in the wrong mail box.

but if name.space DNS servers are going to faithfully mirror the contents
of the current root DNS servers, why do we need them?

now when your unseen unknown mentor at the justice department lets you use
the internets root dns servers would you be kind enough to tell us just
exactly what that use will mean.  If there is no longer any need for a
single authoritative DNS database, please explain why not and why I don't
need to worry about my airplane seat being sold to someone else.

I agree that newdom is filled with 99.99% hot air, but until you can
clearly explain YOUR system, I fail to see why it deserves more credibilty
thAn any of them on newdom.

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