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Re: -- sorry your argument makes no sense Re: nettime: [Fwd: rewired Zeit-]


you are totally in the dark.

Just because something doesn't appear on a mailing list
is no indication that it isn't happening.  Come out of
cyberspace for a moment and into the real world.

There is such a thing as private development.  That is
what is doing.  A company or group doesn't
have to belong to some newsgroup or mailing list in order
to develop their ideas.

The info concerning the justice department is true.  It
doesn't have to be on the news to become truth.  Stop
watching so much television!

IAHC has no mandate to impose their solution.  They DON'T
have a treaty, no matter how close you think they have
come to one.  The point is, there is none.

Your arguments about running a database every other day
is rediculous.  The point is, once the distributed solution
What could be so difficult as to understand that?  Just
like travel agents.  Think about it and perhaps it will
become clear to you.

The entire view of root can change in minutes, once the
named.root file on the current rootservers simply adds
the list of new roots.  They don't have to run the whole
database.  If you knew anything about dns, you wouldn't
have made such an irrelevant statement. is progressing, like it or not.
Soon, you will be able to register your name with
any of the new registries, including alternic,,
or whatever new "kids on the block".
This will only make it more convenient, less expensive,
and the performance of dns will increase dramatically as
more rootservers are added, thereby distributing the load
across more processors and more routes.

can't wait!

Best wishes,

Paul Garrin

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