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Gordon Cook <> wrote:

>Gongrip is absolutely correct in his criticism of Garrin.  garrin sounds
>like a european version of what domain name pirates eugene kashpurev and
>others have been trying to do in the US.  Garrin can make all the domain
>names that he wants but unless he gets the ten or so top level domain name
>servers to use them, 99% of the internet will not be able to get to
>them....  They simply will not work.

Paul Garrin replies:

Gonggrijp is misinformed in his knowledge of US Law and
the legal work which has laid the groundwork for the
universal resolvability of

Under US Law, the current rootserver hosts must provide access
to their facility by their competitors on a non discriminitory basis.
(We just need to ask them for it!)
The U.S. Department of Justice, Anti-trust division has confirmed this
to the legal counsel.
"Your case is a carbon copy of MCI vs. ATT" they said.
If the Rootservers refuse, they are in violation of the law and subject to
Anti-Trust violations.  According to the USDOJ representative,
There is no argument in this case.  The law is clear in their opinion.
(the case begins this month).

I am not a "european version of Eugene Kashpurev" as you put it.
You don't even know me so how can you make such a judgement when
you are totally uninformed?  I live in NYC, not anywhere in Europe,
and there are fundamental differences between and alternic
making comparison of the two rediculous.  If you don't know what they
are, you are in no position to compare or judge.

> I do not deny all conspiracy
>theories but the one about NSI and SIAC is wrong.

It is not a conspiracy theory.  It is a fact that SAIC is the largest
private contractor for the NSA and the Pentagon, and that when many of the
NSA and Pentagon and CIA personnel "retire" from government life, they work
in the private sector, doing many of the same things they specialized in
while in the Government employ.

For more information on the subject, please read:

>I have had excellent
>sources telling me the details of the inside  of this for almost two

good for you.  what did your "sources" tell you?

>Anyone who does business with garrin and expects in return to
>receive a domain name that is valid through out the Internet is being
>quite foolish.

That's your opinion.  You could be wrong.  Just wait and see.

--Paul Garrin

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