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Re: nettime: Quick Clarification

>Just wanted to quickly follow up Valentina Djordjevic's posting of Boris
>Groendahl's article "Plundering the Domain".
>I made a mistake (twice!) in the translation, making it sound as if
> had only one server, when in fact, there are several. I've
>already apologized to both Boris and Paul Garrin for this oversight.
>David Hudson                    REWIRED <>
>             Journal of a Strained Net

This is not the only "innaccuracy" in David Hudson's
english translation of the Boris Groendahl article in die Zeit,
"Der Verteilungskampf um die Internet-Addressen".

The title, "Plundering the Domain" is a dishonest and incorrect
translation of Groendahl's original title:

"Der Verteilungskampf um die Internet-Addressen"

The word "Verteilungskampf" does not mean "plunder"
it means "the struggle over distribution".

Given that David Hudson significantly editorialized in his
translation of the title--his version has a totally different
implication than the original--how can anyone who doesn't
read German be sure of the accuracy of the rest of Hudson's

There is much misinformation present here, possibly through subtle
translation "errors" which cast a vindictive tone on the subject
and on me, without a full understanding of the reality.
Such fabrication is unethical, especially since Hudson never
fact-checked any of his sources (he never contacted
me to verify his speculations...).  It amounts to gossip.

This kind of "journalism" is worthy of "Bildzeitung" or worse...
A higher level of credibility is warranted here.

--Paul Garrin

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