heath bunting on Thu, 13 Feb 97 17:41 MET

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nettime: ANTI WITH E - backspace.org lecture series

Rude boy gamesters, obsesive culture creators
and reinventing retirees are pleased to anounce:

NET RELIGION - 7pm wednesday february 26 1997

peter lambourn wilson (hakim bey) - autonmedia, new york, usa
john dymok - nameless research, bristol, uk
wired editor - wired magazine, london, uk
toshiya veno - tokyo, japan

Systematic separation will be abandoned
at the cost of influence and importance.

International capital names
and local disinvested bodies
will be assembled for the purpose
of discusion and progress.

Entrance fee is some food and drink.(STRICT!!)

backspace.org, whinchester wharf, clink street, london, uk
tel: 44 171 234 0804 fax: 44 171 403 4586
email: heath@cybercafe.org

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