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nettime: <!> Student Protest

>Date: Thu, 13 Feb 1997 13:06:21 +0200 (MET)
>Subject: protest
>Subj:	Student Protest

>The Students of the University of Novi Sad
>We, the students of the University of Novi Sad (the 2nd largest University in 
>Yugoslavia) are already into the seventh day of our boycott of classes and our
>blockade of the university's facilities. It is 168 hours into operation
>"Student Blockade" and the students of our eight faculties (Philosophy, 
>Technical Sciences, Agriculture, Law, Medicine, Natural Sciences, Technology, 
>and the Academy of Arts) are still going strong. We are not leaving the 
>University! We spend the whole day at our respective faculties. Some of us go 
>without sleep for 30 hours at a time. Even without hot food and proper heating 
>our resolve remains strong and we are set to see our demands carried out to 
>the last letter.
>In this way we are protesting against events in Belgrade over the last few 
>days. The police have brutally beaten scores of protesters (including 
>students)  - all of whom have been engaging in completely peaceful protest. 
>And that is not all! On the night of February 2-3 the police stormed the 
>Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade and attacked our fellow students, looking 
>to provoke bloodshed and violence. These actions by the government and police 
>are completely unwarranted, and go against all normal conventions of human 
>and civil rights. In response, we have organized our blockade of the 
>university, to support our colleagues in Belgrade and to voice our outrage.
>Today is the 69th day of Student Protest in Novi Sad. We began on December 3, 
>with a march against the government's nullification of the local election 
>results of November 17, 1997. Since then, we have carried out a variety of 
>actions, including a 24 hour - 50 mile  non-stop march from Novi Sad to 
>Belgrade ( 150 students braving the cold and rain.), daily rallies and 
>marches through the city, and our current blockade. We carry out all these 
>actions in support of democracy, human rights and the rule of law; and for 
>a better future for the people of our country.  
>Our major demands include:
>- The recognition of the people's will in the elections of November 17
>- Freedom of Media and the Press
>- Returning Autonomy to the University
>We appeal to you, the citizens of the world, for your help in any form. 
>Technical support would be of great help. We would also be very receptive 
>to official letters of support from Universities, Student Organizations, 
>and other institutions. Even a telegram, email, or personal letter of support 
>would mean a lot to us. Let us know that the world is watching what is going 
>on here in Serbia, and that you are with us in our struggle for Democracy 
>and Freedom. 
>Please send all forms of aid and letters of support to:
>Student Protest
>University of Novi Sad
>Faculty of Technical Science
>Trg Dositeja Obradovica 6
>21000 Novi Sad
>Check out are web site at:
>Or the Belgrade Student's sight at:
Adele Eisenstein

Adele Eisenstein, Program Coordinator
C3: Center for Culture & Communication
Soros Foundation Hungary
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