Pit Schultz on Mon, 27 May 96 23:44 MDT

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nettime: www.random.gov


is a site where one can get different random
numbers related to different real world
reference systems, maintained by the national
random agency (NRA), an initiative to enhance
the quality of random initialized encryption.
it is also allowed to put the random generators
into series to randomize random. The NRA is only
using approved external sources located on US 
territory and declared secret.
the authorities sponsor a price: the first who
can find a predictable order in the series will
get free access to his individual files and a 
secure job at the NRA.
soon there grew up different tribes of young
heroic code warriors which are accessing the 
site constantly running complex genetic real
world simulators and a variety of environment
data to compare it with the ouput of the NRA.
if climate, clinical data, cosmological
cycles, however, during the night, in any
free calculating time computers in the world 
comparing the real with the virtual.

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