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nettime: wired unplugged

this is a little follow-up to what Mark Stahlman had to say in 

TIME Magazine, November 4, 1996 Volume 148, No. 21


When Wired Ventures Inc. announced plans to go public last spring, it
took the financial industry by surprise. Sure, the company's flagship
Wired magazine was the bible of information-age intelligentsia, but
that prestige came from its celebration of digital culture, not from a
robust bottom line in its print and online ventures. Would Wired
become the latest money-losing company to make good in the market?
Apparently not. Last Friday, citing "adverse market conditions," the
firm canceled its second attempt at an offering. Though the magazine
and online ventures are expected to continue, the company will have to
fund them the old-fashioned way--with profits. 
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