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nettime: the Liberation of NameSpace
Joachim Blank on Sun, 6 Oct 96 12:24 MET

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nettime: the Liberation of NameSpace

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>Subject: nettime: the Liberation of NameSpace
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>Liberation of NameSpace
>Stalinistic limitations on the possibilities of network names
>are a legacy of the cold war mentality which exists in the
>current "domain" name system (DNS) of the internet.
>The "organizational" nature of net names reflect the
>bureaucratic, militaristic mindset of the centralized
>agency, InterNIC, now operating as a private, highly
>profitable monopoly called Network Solutions, Inc.
>The very term "Domain" refers to "dominion" or "domination".
>The net with supposedly no borders (another myth) is "organized" into
>territories--"domains" and "zones of authority"--all
>total contradictions to the nature of the network:
>to dissolve all borders.
>The name.space intitative grows out of a movement to
>de-militarize the mindset of the net and open it up to more democratic models.
>By freeing the constraints of naming conventions imposed by the
>central authority, the NIC, the artificial shortages created by
>the command economy of names will disappear, and take along with
>it the name speculators who bought up thousands of names (for $100 each)
>in hopes of auctioning them off to the highest bidder.
>name.space has begun the liberation of the network namespace
>by creating a network of alternative root nameservers on the net
>and making them available to all who wish to use them.  name.space
>seeks to support artistic and independent content by providing
>new names for projects and virtual net addresses to support websites
>named in namespace.
>This is an open call for participation to creators of net-based
>works, to request names for their projects, which will be presented
>at first via links from the name.space. site.  Network administrators
>are invited to switch their named.cache file from the internic version
>to the name.space. version which lists the name.space root servers
>in place of the internic servers.  Users are invited to change their
>local tcp/ip nameserver settings to the name.space server network.
>Instructions on how to do this reside at the name.space website.
>The Winter Palace is about to be stormed! ....Thing.net in NYC
>(http://www.thing.net) has been successfully running the name.space servers
>as root for over 2 weeks providing their users with access to all the names
>in name.space in addition to all the "traditional" net names. The rest of the
>net will be next!
>Other participating networks include:
>        desk.nl (http://desk.autono.net.)
><A HREF="desk.autono.net"><--</A>
>        internationale stadt, Berlin (http://is.autono.net.) <A
>        muuMediaBase, Helsinki (http://muu.autono.net.)      <A
>        LOIS, Ljubljana (http://ljudmila.autono.net.)            <A
>        zero.tolerance.org, NY (http://zero.autono.net)          <A
>        mediafilter, NY (http://mediafilter.autono.net)          <A
>More information can be found at the name.space. website
>http://namespace.autono.net<A HREF="namespace.autono.net"><--</A>
>The time is now to dissolve the monopoly on names and bring down
>the centralized command economy of Network Solutions, Inc. (a.k.a. InterNIC).
>Paul Garrin
>eon {AT} autono.net
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