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<nettime> Fwd: 800 pirates demonstrated in Stockholm on May 1st

[from: support@piratbyran.org]

Press Release Monday, May 04, 2005

More than 800 pirates and filesharers demonstrated in Stockholm on Sunday 
May 1st. Among the speakers were broadband industry figure Jonas 
Birgersson and representatives from the free art/culture scene and The 
Pirate Agency. It was perhaps one of the largest gatherings ever of 
Internet pirates, copyright-critics and other believers in free culture.

The demonstration was held under the paroles "freedom to copy" which
was manifested through a successful physical copy swap.

The speakers included Palle Torsson from Artliberated, Jonas Birgersson, a 
Swedish Internet-figure and CEO of Bredband2, and finally Sara Andersson 
from The Pirate Agency who spoke about the importance of copying and the 
urgent need of privacy in digital communication.

The Pirate Agency media contact: Tobias Andersson, +46 (0)734 072091,=20

Story on Swedish National Television (Friday)

Photos from the demonstration

The Artliberated Network

The Pirate Agency

The Pirate Agency (Piratbyran) was founded in 2003 in support of the 
global movement against copyright and in defense of the idea that 
information and culture should remain free. With more than 40 000 
community members we are one of the largest movements in the world 
supporting filesharing and piracy.

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