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Re: <nettime> Fwd: [Ptp] no thanx/ De Appel:Amnesia or Arrogance?

Dear J. Kreutzfeldt,

I could sympathize with your reaction to the Radio Days at De Appel as a 
'sell-out' if the show had been presented as a radical, pirate radio 
station. If this had been the case, then I would have agreed that getting 
permission to broadcast would be suspect. But Radio Days clearly presents 
itself as a platform for 'an aural experience'. I quote from their 

   The project is intended as a platform for contemporary art and life: 
sound-based artworks, storytelling, music, interviews or 
media-intervention. As an aural experience, as a project connecting 
distant places, confront opinions, and challenge relations between 
participants and audience.

It seems to me that the challenge these curators put to themselves was how 
to curate a contemporary art show on the radio, rather than in the 
gannetllery spaces of De Appel. There may be aspects of the presented 
content to criticize or even the concept of making a radio station for 
this particular purpose, but to criticize the act of getting permission is 
unjustified. Being radical is not simply the equivalent of acting 
illegally. Personally I agree that the show is not radical, but I did not 
expect it to be- since that was never its intention.

Jill Magid

Jill Magid
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