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<nettime> Fwd: [Ptp] no thanx/ De Appel:Amnesia or Arrogance?

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A response about "Radiodays in De Appel" from radio PTP.
sister O

> From: Area 23 <>
> Date: 6 April 2005 13:14:09 CEST
> To:
> Subject: Re: [Ptp] no thanx
> This whole shit is of course inherent to Art that
> wants to be radical. Instead of setting up and manning
> a 24-7 illegal pirate station they get a license and
> ask some pirates to fetch them some transmitter. Seen
> that before, pomo lets pretend fuck art.
> Like some years ago same apple gallery had a 'work'
> which was a smashed window of said gallery.
> Personally I only get respect for real pirates, real
> iconoclasts that deliberately and uninvited smash real
> galleries and artworks, spray-paint big dollar signs
> on Malevich works, get on the streets and desroy
> something in age-old luddite dadaist tradition.
> At the moment you even think of putting it in a
> gallery you're already missing the entire point and
> are a fucking sell-out as far as I'm concerned.
> especially in this 2nd millenium mediatised zombieland
> we're living in.
> If it actually IS put it in a gallery, with an artsy
> article or catalogue blabla about it by clean-cut
> artschoolers then it's the seventh sign of the
> impending apocalypse.
> J. Kreutzfeldt

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