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<nettime> Sarai Reader 05: Bare Acts

Dear All,

We are happy to announce the print and web publication of Sarai Reader 05 
: 'Bare Acts'. Please find more details about the book below.

We would welcome responses, reviews and critiques of the publication, and 
discussions based on its contents. If you would like to write a review of 
the book, and wish to obtain a review copy, do write to, mentioning details of the publication where the 
review will appear, and when it is likely to be published. The contents of 
the book may also be translated into other languages, and published 
elsewhere. We, and the authors, would like to be informed.

Looking forward to your responses

The Editorial Collective, Sarai Reader Series

Editors: Monica Narula, Shuddhabrata Sengupta, Jeebesh Bagchi + Geert 
Lovink Guest Editor: Lawrence Liang

Sarai Reader Series Editorial Collective: Monica Narula, Shuddhabrata 
Sengupta, Ravi Sundaram, Ravi S. Vasudevan, Awadhendra Sharan, Jeebesh 
Bagchi + Geert Lovink

Published by the Sarai Programme, Centre for the Study of Developing
Societies, Delhi, 2005 [cc]
Produced and Designed at the Sarai Media Lab, Delhi

ISBN 81-901429-5-X
584 pages, 14.5cm X 21cm
Paperback: Rs. 350, US$ 20, Euro 20

Bare Acts

This year, the Sarai Reader looks at 'Acts' as instruments of legislation, 
at things within and outside the law, and at 'acts' as different ways of 
'doing' things in society and culture. Several texts and image-essays echo 
and complement themes that have emerged in earlier readers. Piracy, 
borders, surveillance, claims to authority and entitlement, the language 
of expertise, the legal regulation of sexual behaviour and trespasses of 
various kinds have featured prominently in previous Readers. This 
collection foregrounds these issues in a way that hopes to continue to 
provoke rigorous engagement and reflection.

The 'Bare Act' is an expression used to specify the content of law, bereft 
of any interpretative gloss. In legal libraries in India and many parts of 
the English-speaking world, a Bare Act is a document that simply codifies 
a law without annotation or commentary. The 'Bare Act' is legality pared 
down to its textual essence. It expresses only what the law does, and what 
it can do.

The enactment of law, however, is less a matter of reading the letter of 
the law, and more a matter of augmenting or eroding the textual foundation 
through the acts of interpretation, negotiation, disputation and 
witnessing. The law and practices within and outside stand in relation to 
a meta legal domain that can be said to embrace acts and actions in all 
their depth, intensity and substantive generality. This too is a stage set 
for the performance of 'bare acts', of what we might call 'naked deeds' - 
actions shorn of everything other than what is contained in a verb.

The 'Bare Act' that encrypts the letter of the law, the wire frame 
structure that demands the fleshing out of interpretation, and the 'bare 
act' that expresses and contains the stripped down kernel of an act, of 
something that is done, are both expressions that face each other in a 
relationship of tense reflection and intimate alterity. Bare Acts generate 
bare acts, and vice versa. 'Bare Acts', the fifth Sarai Reader, proposes 
to be a considered examination of this troubled mirror image.


See below for the complete table of contents. The complete text of 'Bare 
Acts', like the entire contents of previous readers, is available for free 
browsing and download as pdf files at

For Purchase, Distribution and Other Enquiries, mail to -

or, contact -
Sarai, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies
29, Rajpur Road, Delhi 110054, India
Tel : (+91) 11 2396 0040
E mail :

Distributors: Seagull Books, Delhi & Kolkata (in
India) and Autonomedia, New York (USA)



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Notes on Contributors - 574
Image and Photo Credits - 581

Monica Narula [Raqs Media Collective]
29 Rajpur Road, Delhi 110 054

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