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<nettime> New Book - Law and Internet Cultures

This looks very useful and good. As i have read some of it already I
recommend it to everyone interested in the topic


Law and Internet Cultures
Kathy Bowrey
University of New South Wales, Sydney


 (ISBN-10: 0521600480 | ISBN-13: 9780521600484)

Not yet published - available from May 2005

 (Stock level updated: 08:00 GMT, 30 March 2005)

This book raises the profile of socio-political questions about the global
technology and information market. It is a close study of communication
flows, networks, nodes, biopolitics and the fragmentations of power. It
brings to life the role played by personalities, corporate interactions,
industry compromises and the regulatory incompetencies, affecting the
technological world we all live in. US technology powers the internet and
disseminates American culture on an unprecedented scale. Assessing this
power requires an analysis of the diffuse ways that US practice, policy and
law dominates, and a consideration of how influence is negotiated and
resisted locally. This involves a discussion about how ideas about trade
and innovation circulate; of the social power of engineers that establish
conventions and protocols; of the reach of Leviathan corporations; and
questions about global marketing and consumer tastes. For readers
interested in intellectual property law, information technology, cultural
studies, globalisation and mass communications.

=E2=80=A2 A study of the internet and how it is regulated, familiar with th
e US debates, but consciously positioned from outside US perspectives

=E2=80=A2 A considered, practical appraisal of the limits of contemporary l
aw making in relation to technology issues.

=E2=80=A2 It will appeal to a cross section of subject areas and includes a
good mix of scholarly, journalistic and cultural observations Contents

1. Defining Internet law; 2. Defining Internet cultures; 3. Universal
standards and the end of the universe. The IETF, global governance and
patents; 4. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds; 5. In a worl
d without fences who needs Gates?; 6. Telling tales. Digital piracy and the
law; 7. Participate/comply/resist

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