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<nettime> unix history


has anyone out there got any good sources on unix history ... I have been 
working on a paper trying to plot the machines devlopment without buying into 
the "freedom" rhetoric. I have been using the Unix Oral History project at 
Princeton University http://www.princeton.edu/~mike/unixhistory as my main 
soource to date as it actually deals with the facts rather than the ideology.

I find many unix/linux histories dont do this and as such seem to rewrite the 
history or gloss over things to fit into the free as in speech ideology.
The Oral History really deals witht he basics of interactive communal 
computing and the way the machine was developed in a way these other sources 
don't touch.

Anybody got any other sources that mght be complimentary to the Princeton one?
I am particularly interseted in the role of the Unix Support  Group in 
"packaging" unix and the exact way in which it found its way to academia such 
as UNSW and Berkeley for example.



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