Nicholas Ruiz on Thu, 17 Mar 2005 09:07:26 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Media, Inc.

Media, Inc.

The reality of the Media.  An integral reality.[1] A daily punishing of 
the vagabond of truth; a coalescence of the utmost certainty--? everything 
the Enlightenment couldn't be, and more. The New York Times reports that 
the Administration is peddling propaganda in unconscious collusion with 
the Media up-link and down-link.[2] Surprise.

News distribution is a world-wide endeavor, how do we move on?  News is 
business; business is politics; politics is life; life is Capital, Capital 
is the Code; Global Capital is a currency of the Code.  Forward is the 
course in which we all move on; this does not imply a direction.

The Media is never a place where all participants benefit; it is the stage 
of Capital, and hence will bear its sacrifices, to which the World will 
prostrate. Local affiliates are never discerners; rather they are nodes in 
a Network of Administration.  Clinton knew this best, hence his caress of 
the neighborhood hearth.

The Media link grows as a function of the total screen.  Its spreading is 
limited only by Capital, which we all know, has no limit.  The maintenance 
of Polity is (has long been?) a function of the total screen. The Screen 
does not reflect and does not discern-- ?it administers.  Era ends, Era 
begins.  Ours is the Era of Administration. Media, Inc.


[1] Jean Baudrillard, Le Pacte de Lucidit? ou l'intelligence du Mal,
Paris; Galil?e (2004)
[2] David Barstow and Robin Stein, Anne E. Kornblut contributed reporting
for this article "Under Bush, a New Age of Prepackaged News", New York
Times. (Late Edition (East Coast). New York, N.Y.: Mar 13, 2005. pg. 1.1

Nicholas Ruiz III
GTA/Doctoral student
Interdisciplinary Program in the Humanities
Florida State University
205P Dodd Hall (#1560)
Tallahassee, FL 32306
Editor, Kritikos

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