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Re: <nettime> tv-tv copenhagen

Apart from the Italian Telestreet movement Some of the promise of tv-tv 
is already being delivered on Amsterdam cable in the form of Outloud TV 
<http://webserver.outloud.tv/> one of the more successful recent 
projects to have emerged from the Art Media and Technology department 
of the Utrecht school of the art.

A few weeks ago Amsterdam's pop venue Melkweg hosted the Outloud groups
party celebrating a year of the results of their "cross media juke box".
The  system allows people to upload clips via the internet to the
Outloud server whereupon the clips are transmitted on to SALTO TV
(Amsterdam's open channel) where it is possible for viewers to determine
the extent to which the clips are played by voting. The clips can also
be viewed on the web.

The project began in 2003 when a group of students were asked to create 
a system for Amsterdam's open Channel to be called "Pause TV". The idea 
was to fill the empty time between the scheduled items with some kind 
of semie-automated TV project. The result was Outloud which (to my 
knowledge) is one of the few successful (ie sustainable) fusions of 
grass roots broadcast TV with the web. (although Telestreets 
collaboration with NGvision have approached these questions from 
another angle). The Outloud project has already developed  an extensive 
network of participants and archive of clips.

The Outloud group is a complex mix with many different interests. Last 
months initiative of holding the first of a series of  "off-line" 
Outloud meetings where the participants could get together speaks of 
some of the group member's  desire to transform the 'network' into more 
of a 'community' in this they seem to be resisting the pressure of the 
networks to undo any of allegiances that might bind them.

For the moment the transmissions are still operating within the limits 
of the traditional framework of "little items" each individually 
authored. In conversations with the Outloud group there is discussion 
of what seems to me to be the real challenge, which is to allow Outloud 
to resonate with the achievement of open-content projects (wikipedia 
being the most visible example). To exploit the possibilities to 
experiment on Amsterdam cable (while they last) to allow the Outloud 
data base and easy cross platform accessibility to trigger some 
unforseen model of open, fluid  "moving image" collaboration.

Perhaps nettimers can point to some existing examples that might 
inspire the Outloud group.

David Garcia 

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