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tv-tv / FreeUtvResearch

Within the last eight months we have been part of a group working on
taking over a local tv-station in Copenhagen. It is now on air as tv-tv
and is based on a decentralised network of producers producing content
for the channel.

At the Copenhagen Free University we have established FreeUtvResearch
that is an unit engaging in the investigation of and experimentation
with television as a public sphere. FreeUtvResearch is a node in the
tv-tv network.

tv-tv will be sending regularly on Channel Copenhagen Tuesdays from
11pm to 1am, Wednesdays from 11pm to 0:30am and Thursdays from 11pm to

tv-tv consists of Kristina Ask, Stine Eriksen, Joachim Hamou, Kent
Hansen, Henriette Heise, Christian Hilles=F8e, Ulla Hvejsel, Jakob
Jakobsen, Marie Reynolds, Katya Sander, Simon Sheikh and Lukas

We will keep you posted on the CFU website/blog. FreeUtvResearch
programs will soon be available for download via p2p.

All the best

Henriette Heise og Jakob Jakobsen / March 4 2005


tv-tv manifesto

tv-tv is everyone's television. Today it has become easy to produce tv.
Technical innovation has it made possible to produce television with
your own equipment. We will use and misuse all possible tools to make
tv. tv-tv is broadcast quality on our terms: everyone can make tv.

tv-tv is self-organized tv, neither the state's apparatus nor the
market's tv. tv-tv is a network of independent producers who all are
longing to make tv. tv-tv wants to break the traditional monopoly of
the means of production and the right to broadcast.

tv-tv is publicness. We see tv as an active part of the public sphere
in which society is mediated. tv-tv is an effort to produce another
public sphere.

tv-tv is investigating tv. We want to experiment with tv, make time for
an investigation of tv's possibilities and break with the rhythms
offered by most tv channels. We will refuse ratings based
generalizations of what people want, and rather investigate tv as a
setting for communication. We want to break the monotony that
characterizes tv today.

tv-tv is tv of the everyday. With tv-tv we will create a public based
on everyday experience in Copenhagen and around the world. tv-tv will
be a station with a short distance between being on the street and
being on air. We shall attempt a direct and diverse mode of address,
taking its point of view in the passions we encounter and the abilities
we establish.

tv-tv is critical tv. We do not aim to reflect society, we want to
abolish the 'viewer' as a passive consumer. We will not just produce
tv: we will produce tv-tv.

Copenhagen Free University
L=E6ss=F8esgade 3, 4., DK - 2200 Copenhagen N
Contact: +45 3537 0447 or=20

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