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<nettime> FW: [bytesforall_readers] Valentine Day sans Mobile Phone

Digitalis interruptus?


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Subject: [bytesforall_readers] Valentine Day sans Mobile Phone

Valentine Day sans Mobile Phone

- Vinaya Kasajoo

'Hi' and 'Bye', the most used words among the Nepalese teenagers and
youths have suddenly disappeared from their lips and along with this the
smiles of their faces also have vanished since the beginning of this
Valentine month.

Kamana had presented a lovely mobile phone to her boyfriend on his
birthday last month. She and her boyfriend had set a special music in
their mobile sets and whenever the music was played in their sets, they
recognized the caller and understood the messages. But now the sets seem
to be mocking them.

Mobile phone of latest fashion and facilities was the centre of
attraction in the Infotech exhibition held last month, where more than
200 thousand, most of them teenagers and youths, visited. They were
amazed and amused by the miraculous and fantastic tiny equipment. Some
of them had purchased new generation of mobile phones and a few of them
had ordered the mobile phones from Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok.

Businessmen and various kinds of service providers, who had no physical
address, were running their business through mobile phones. They are
affected worse. There is no clue to trace or contact the skilled
contractors and laborers of the buildings. People of different
occupations, including the students from rural are, could be contacted
only through mobile phones. They virtually existed in the mobile

"We are willingly ready to sacrifice our SMS and smiles for better
cause", says Kabi, an IT professional based in Kathmandu.

"For the peace and prosperity of our country we the youths must do
something. Mobile phone and SMS are not big issues for a nation
interlocked in conflict," says Rajesh, a webpage designer.

Both of them strongly feel that mobile phone is the most effective tool
of communication not only for their business but also for their daily
life. They wonder how they can continue their relation with their girl
friends in absence of mobile phone. They had not imagined a life without
mobile phone.

Some of the Samaritan youths were planning to start a scheme to obtain
old fashioned mobile sets from those youths who want to change their
sets with modern ones, and supply the old sets to the rural areas.

Now, since first February, 2005 over 200 thousand mobile phones are
lying dead. They are frightening their users, particularly the teenagers
who exchanged their heart through SMS.

Thousands of teenagers of Nepal are under mental stress due to the
sudden breakdown of the mobile phones. Those, who hesitate to say 'I
love you', because of the culture and shy nature, are waiting eagerly to
write 'ILU' in SMS and send them to their beloveds through mobile
phones. Will the mobile phone revive before the end of Valentine month?
Who has the answer?

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