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a military strategy web site:

THE WAY THINGS REALLY WORK: Why Plastic Aircraft Models are Going Away

January 31, 2005: For over half a century, kits have been sold that
enable military history buffs to assemble scale models of military
ships, aircraft and vehicles. But that era is coming to an end, as the
manufacturers of the original equipment, especially aircraft, are
demanding high royalties (up to $40 per kit) from the kit makers. Since
most of these kits sell in small quantities (10-20,000) and are priced
at $15-30 (for plastic kits, wooden ones are about twice as much),
tacking on the royalty just prices the kit out of the market. Popular
land vehicles, which would sell a lot of kits, are missing as well. The
new U.S. Army Stryker armored vehicles are not available because of
royalty requirements. Even World War II aircraft kits are being hit with
royalty demands.  ......

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