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<nettime> FW: [CSL]: International openness advocates assist Slovakian reformer s

Follow the link below...

This is amazing...


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Subject: International openness advocates assist Slovakian reformers update - February 9, 2005

International openness advocates assist Slovakian reformers Against
government claim that EU directive protects "silent refusal"

Washington, D.C. - Freedom of information advocates in 10 countries plus 
the U.S. state of New York today combined forces on-line within an elapsed 
time of four hours to help Slovakian openness reformers refute a 
governmental secrecy claim, according to a case study of the on-line 
networking posted today by

Slovakian lawyer Peter Wilfing, with the Citizen and Democracy Association 
in Bratislava, posted his request for help on the list at 
6:57 a.m. on February 9; and within four hours the posting had circulated 
on several related lists and Wilfing had received advice and legal 
precedents from experts in South Africa, India, Canada, Israel, Hungary, 
Ireland, Bulgaria, the U.S., Latvia, Germany, and the state of New York. 
The managing editor of, Thomas Blanton, said, "This is a 
remarkable demonstration of the power of on-line networking in the digital 

Click on the link below to read the full exchange:

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