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<nettime> Some FLOSS links. From Asia

 	This is from the Asia Source camp, just concluced in Bangalore.
 	See more at

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Some FLOSS links. From Asia

Meet these good people, and their ventures. At least virtually! Warning:
some of the links might be only distantly related to the field of FLOSS.

     * Making Cambodia "a country that does not
       have to change to a new language in order to use computers!" This page
       is linked to the work of Hok Kakada (20), Javier Sola, Keo Sophon (24)
       among others.

For other Cambodia sites, visit

     * Open Forum of Cambodia
     * Community Information Centre project
     * National ICT Development Authority
     * The varsity where Rapid Sun (a young
       graduate who passed out in 2001) teaches Linux-Apache-MySQL-PhP
       and related technologies.

     * This is Adi Nugroho's Internet Service
       Provider in Indonesia. Adi is the guy who built Indonesia's first
       only-GNU/Linux cybercafe at the remote region of Makassar, some
       1400 kms from Jakarta. Fajar Priyanto (Indonesia) keeps his Indonesian
GNU/Linux tutorial site here. Fajar is a convert from proprietorial
software to FLOSS fan.

And, at the risk of sounding arrogant by linking to myself, here are
some of this blogger's links:

     * ILUG-Goa, a local user group
     * Links to FLOSS in India
     * Listing of user groups

Here's some useful links to Indic localisation guru G Karunakar:

     * IndLinux Project, check it out
     * Wiki for the above project
     * ("Just a personal blog. You need not
       put it there," says GK.)

Indian Plone ace (and many things more) Kiran "Jace" Jonnalgadda's:


Another localisation guru (and many things more, despite the young age)
Sayamindu Dasgupta's links:

     * His home page.
     * One of his often-Slashdotted
       Gnome reviews.
     * Sayamindu's
       weekend hacker's blog
     * His blog
       from Asia Source.

This is Sunil Abraham's NGO-dressed-as-a-company offering FLOSS-based
solutions to NGOs:


Sarai is a Delhi-based organisation that has been giving fellowships to
geeks working on FLOSS.


Malaysian young guru Colin Charles -- currently studying in Melbourne --
has his website below. He's experienced with the Fedora Project and, and has authored on books on Fedora Core: Made
Simple and Made Simple


Jaclyn 'Jac' Kee Siew Min of Malaysia is with the Association of
Progressive Communicators and other women's groups. FLOSS-linked in many
ways is the APC:


APDIP is linked to (the International Open Source Network),
and, in turn, Seow Yoke May is linked to APDIP (she's the webmaster --
or webmistress, rather -- there).

     * A UNDP body
     * International Open Source Network, good
       primers related to various aspects of FLOSS.

Khin Mi Mi Aung is from Myanmar (based in Korea, for her PhD) and offers
this LUG link


Kuma Raj Subedi "Kamal" from Nepal is a great narrator. Earlier
connected to the Ganesha Project of taking GNU/Linux to a Nepali school.

     * (Silicon Village)

Sufyan Kakakhel of Pakistan is part of the Open Source Resource Centre
in Pakistan and founded an Open Source iinix Solutions company


And Dong Calmada is the vice president of the Philipine Linux Users
Group, for external affairs. And do point to any links that might have
got inadvertently left out.
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